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How to be a Godly Wife

I have been reading Exodus for a while now -let’s just say it’s taking me longer than I’d like to admit. I’m still struggling to balance it all. Anyways while reading Exodus I came across a verse that confused me. Honestly it seemed rather out of place. I found myself rereading the verse over and […]

Intimacy as a Young Christian Wife

I am so excited to share the fourth part of my Young Christian Wife series video! Intimacy is key to a healthy marriage. So don’t use intimacy as a weapon. Can’t wait to share more in the upcoming Young Christian Wife book.  Intimacy as a Young Christian Wife  1 – Our bodies belong to one another. 2 – […]

Marriage and Dreams

I am so excited to share another marriage chat! Since you guys enjoyed my last video on Submission in Marriage I figured we should keep the conversation going. I enjoyed sharing how dreaming almost derailed my marriage. It’s so important that everything you do be about us and not me. Of course, if you enjoy […]