I am Chellbee Johnson just another ’round the way girl’ (only 90’s kids remember that LL Cool J song) made extraordinary by the loving salvation of Christ Jesus. From a young age, I knew God was real because I watched so many people in my life pass away from gang violence, tragic accidents, etc.

I am a self-taught bible student determined to help other bible study beginners find their inner bible scholar. If you want to stick around, you will find bible reading plans, bible study tips, and how the Bible applies today.

I truly believe you should not just read the word but dedicate yourselves to deepening your relationship with Christ. You have to pursue the word of God Elohim, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit just like you pursue that check every week.

My Christian stationery shop is all about that pursuit I share bible verses cards, bookmarks, stickers, and bible study journals to help busy women stay connected to the word of God.

When I am not creating, I enjoy spending time with Jay (my husband), Rose (3-year-old), and Kayden (1-year-old). We can often be found binge-watching Disney movies, fishing, or grilling in our backyard.