10 Simple Bathroom Organizing Ideas to Save Space

Do you somehow always find yourself spending 30 minutes looking around your bathroom for hair, makeup, and personal hygiene products that you know should be there?

There is nothing worst than spending hours looking for something in the bathroom. Especially if you have a small bathroom because it gets hot so fast in there.

I have actually taken the time in the past to organize my bathroom – about a year ago. I used baskets to organize underneath the sink and on top of the toilet. But a year later my bathroom looks like a mess.

When it come to organizing your home you will often find that the system you originally implemented needs to be reworked. And that’s ok, you will only find this out if you get started with organizing your home.

Anyways back to organizing a small bathroom. We’re looking at moving which means we’ll probably have less space. Which inspired me to start searching small bathroom organization ideas.

10 Simple Bathroom Organizing Ideas to Save Space

I’m sharing 10 small bathroom organization ideas that you can implement to save space. These tips provide simple solutions to making the most of every square inch and help you easily find items you need when getting ready in a rush.

Needless to say all small bathrooms were not created equally. Bathroom space differs greatly, if you have a traditional bathroom vanity versus if you have a pedestal sink. With that being said, I’m going to try to tackle options that will help regardless of which bathroom style you may have.

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Shower Storage for Small Bathroom Organization Ideas

This for sure is one of the simplest and easy small bathroom organization ideas. So if you are dreading organizing your bathroom then you definitely want to start here. This will give you a quick win.

We all need a win, it will help you feel motivated to keep going. The addition of  a simple shower caddy can transform your bathroom and declutter your shower in less than 10 minutes. Seeing this change will encourage you to keep going down this list *fingers crossed.*

Who knew it was possible to use so many different products in the shower. I do, I do, I do *raises hand in excitement*! Shower storage organizer in a small bathroom is key and will give you more space underneath your sink especially if you are a product junkie.

I loved our shower caddy but our current bathroom shower head is too big for storage caddy. As a result, our bathroom shower is littered with hair products and personal hygiene products (for my husband, daughter, and me). Which means often times we have to put products on the bathroom floor too because we have so many. Don’t judge me.

Under the Sink Cabinet Small Bathroom Organization Ideas

Under the bathroom sink is by far the most used area in the bathroom. But usually the most unorganized and neglected area of the bathroom. I know a lot people treat underneath the bathroom sink as there secret shame area.

I have been over people houses – not going to name names- and found underwear underneath the sink. Ewww. And yes I was totally being a snoop and had no business under the sink.

Moral of the story don’t allow underneath your bathroom sink become a place that you fear anyone seeing. The bathroom is already a nasty place by nature. So why make it nastier than it already is.

Set aside some time and implement these simple organization ideas. I promise you will thank me. Because with the right organization products you will realize that you have plenty of space. You just needed help with making better use of it.

Plastic Bins with Lids and Labels

Magnets for hair pins and clippers

Hooks Command

Cabinet Door Storage Bin

Stacking caddy for under the sink

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Over the Toilet Storage for Small Bathroom Organization Ideas

I know it’s tempting to overlook over the toilet storage as an option for organizing a small bathroom. But this is such a simple and chic way to make more use of your space.

Even if you live in an apartment over the toilet storage is something you can remove and take with you to your next place. It is also a great way to add character to your bathroom.

Over the toilet floating shelves

I know storage units can quickly become costly and can often date your bathroom based on the style you choose. But the addition of shelves to your bathroom will give you storage and style. Especially if you style your shelving area with baskets.

If you decide to purchase an over the toilet storage unit try to choose a style that is timeless. Think of a style that would still be beautiful in 10 years. Because you don’t want to be repainting or repurchasing over the toilet storage units. A simple style will likely work best.

Over the toilet shelving unit

Pedestal Sinks Storage for Small Bathroom Organization Ideas

I couldn’t help but take a moment to cover some options for those pesky pedestal sinks. Cute and simple as they maybe they are truly a nightmare. Where’s the counter space and under the sink storage?

In our master bathroom – in our house that we have since sold, thank God – we had pedestal sinks and it was a huge pain. I never had any space to do my makeup. Let alone enough space to store our electric toothbrush. Not to mention a space for me to store my countless hair products.

Vanity for Pedestal Sinks

I quickly urged my husband that we needed to do something to address our lack of storage space. So we purchased 2 three cube storage units. Which definitely served there purpose but did not help with our lack of space.

This is an option but definitely not the best option. I would highly recommend taking the time to instead purchase or make storage units that fit around your pedestal sinks. This way you won’t narrow the limited space you have in an already small bathroom.

Odds and Ends for  Small Bathroom Organization Ideas

And because every bathroom is different. I wanted to be sure to share some additional ideas that you could use just in case you are need it.

I have over sized wood doors so I can no longer use over the door storage units. But these are great for your bath towels and products.

Over the door storage

Drawers Storage bins

3 Tier caddy for counter tops

Plastic bins for medicine cabinet storage

I have faux bathroom drawers. But if you have bathroom drawers using a kitchen utensil holder is a great way to organize your toiletries like toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and so on.

And because counter space is usually limited. The addition of a 3 tier caddy is a great options for making the most out of your counter top space. Also don’t forget about your medicine cabinet. Small plastic baskets can help with organizing q-tips, cotton balls, band aids, and even hair pins.

I hope this inspired you to organize that small bathroom that seems to always slow down your morning routine. An organized bathroom will help you and your family enjoy what it typically looked at as a nasty area. Who knows it may become your new favorite place to show off to guest.

Hopefully once you implement these small bathroom organization solutions you will free up more space and maybe you’ll be able to add some much needed products to your stash. If this post inspired you to organize your bathroom be sure to share it with your friends on your favorite social media platforms.

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