13 Affordable Hacks to Organize your Kitchen

Affordable Hacks to Organize your Kitchen

If you’re anything like me most days, you find yourself spending all your time in the kitchen. After all, if you are spending time somewhere you want it to be enjoyable these affordable hacks will help you to organize your kitchen.

I feel like I’m constantly cooking, cleaning, baking, or snacking. And if I’m not getting myself something to eat then I am making something for my husband or little one.

Not to mention the time spent prepping meals for the crock pot or prepping sourdough. Needless to say you have to eat. And time spent in the kitchen is always better when it is clean.

But it is even better when you can easily find what you’re looking for. Organizing your kitchen will make your life easier, save you time, and make cooking more enjoyable.

13 Affordable Hacks to Organize your Kitchen

In this post I’ll be sharing 15 examples of dollar store kitchen organization solutions. Let’s transform your kitchen and make it looks like it has been organized by a pro. I promise you’ll be giddy over how affordable these kitchen makeover are. As a bonus I’m also sharing beginner tips for how to organize your home.

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Organize your Kitchen Pantry

1. Magazine Holder 

The wire magazine holder is by far one of my favorite kitchen organization hacks. Magazine holders make for a great way to store can goods and can help you store more food with less space. Which is totally the point of getting organized.

2. Plastic Container with lids

Plastic containers for dry food is a great addition to the pantry. Especially if you don’t like having a lot of different boxes – like cereal, flour, and oats – in your pantry. You can save space and beautify your pantry with this simple change. If you’re really fancy, grab some labels and a marker to customize your containers.

3. Glass Jars with lids 

This is totally a personal choice but glass jars are a nice alternative to the plastic containers. You may choose to use plastic containers in the pantry and glass containers to display a few items on your counter top. Or you could even mix and match. It’s totally up to you.

4. Stacking Bins

Stacking bins are so helpful if you have little ones storing all those snack bags can quickly overflow your kitchen pantry. They are also great for storing produce – onion and potatoes – or large bags on the floor of your pantry.

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Affordable Hacks to Organize your Kitchen Cabinet

5. Glass Shaker with Handle

If you’re considering customizing your spice cabinet. You may want to consider putting your herbs and seasoning into these cute little glass shakers or flip top containers. Which would transform your kitchen spice cabinet. Paired with a colorful permanent marker or label you can really customize your spice cabinet.

6. Plastic baskets

Plastic baskets can be used in a variety of ways when organizing your kitchen from storing food in the pantry or cabinet, to grouping produce in the fridge, to storing common cleaning products.

One of the best uses of Dollar tree plastic baskets – the one with handles – is to create a cleaning basket. A cleaning basket will transform your cleaning routine. Being able to grab it and carry it from room to room makes cleaning so much easier and convenient.

I keep mine stored underneath my kitchen sink. I filled it with 2 different spray bottle – one which is a vinegar, water, and lavender and the other is fabulouso and water -I know its awful and I won’t be repurchasing it. I also added in cleaning towels – which are for wiping down and microfiber towels – to swifter the floor.

7. Command hooks

Command hooks make for great additions to the inside of your cabinet doors. You can use them to hang your dish washing gloves among other things.

8. Wire Cabinet Shelves

Attaching wire organizer to the inside of your cabinet door makes for great storage for your pot tops, Tupperware tops, and even cutting boards.

9. Shelf Liners

Shelf liners are versatile, stylish, and affordable. They are great not only for lining the shelves of your cabinets but also for lining your refrigerator shelves.

Organize your Kitchen Fridge

10. Drawer Organizers 

I love these plastic drawer organizers they are great for storing different items in your refrigerator.

11. Plastic Drawer Bins

Plastic drawer bins can be really helpful for storing produce, cans soda, and snack foods – like cheese sticks, yogurt, and kids snacks.

12. Plastic Egg Storage

If you like for things to be uniform. Adding plastic egg storage containers will help you get rid of those pesky egg cartons in your refrigerator.

Affordable Hacks to Organize your Kitchen Drawers

13. Plastic drawer Bins

Plastic storage drawer bins are also great for organizing your kitchen drawers. You will no longer have to worry about opening a disheveled junk draw. Or have to deal with loose tea bags, hot cocoa, and k-cups laying around everywhere.

5 Beginner Tips for How to Organize your Home like a Pro

If this is your first time organizing a space in your home. Here are a few simple tips to help you stay on track, on budget, and to finish your organizing project.

  1. First thing first, decide on the first space in your home you want to organize. Since you are here I am assuming you will be starting in your kitchen.
  2. Well here’s the thing, the kitchen is a large space. Which means it’s easy to get overwhelmed. So you need to choose an area in your kitchen – pantry, cabinets, refrigerator, or drawers- to begin with. Because it is all about small wins. When it comes to starting something new.
  3. I recommend choosing an area that isn’t a complete disaster like maybe your refrigerator. Take inventory of the area and decide what you need.
  4. Using this post as an inspiration and make a shopping list for your project.
  5. Once you have all your organization items. Decide on a date and time and get started.
You will finish and be so impressed with yourself. You will be inspired to move on to the next area in your kitchen.

I hope this inspires you to organize your kitchen. Because you can create a beautiful home on any budget. Hopefully with these inspiration photos and beginner’s guide you will be able to organize your kitchen like a pro even if it’s your first time tackling a home organization project.

With your shopping list in hand visit your local dollar store and grab your favorite storage items. Don’t be afraid to mix different looks and shapes to make it your own.

You will be amazed at what you can create with affordable items from the dollar store. If you don’t have a dollar store in your area be sure to visit the links above to shop affordable storage online.

Transform your beautiful mess of a kitchen into a Pinterest worthy haven. You will love your newly organized kitchen and enjoy every moment in it.

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