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12 Bible Verse to Live By

Do you truly carry God’s word in your heart? Is the word the instruction manual by which you live your life? I don’t know if its just me. But that’s a lot to ask. Especially when you are just beginning in your walk with Christ. I know it’s not that you don’t want to carry […]

Self-Love the endless Journey

Image Credit: Chellbee and Justin HarrellThis post is sponsored by Verizon. All opinions are mine and mine alone. Oh dear self why are we always on an endless journey. Likely because a journey indicates there is no final destination. We journey to explore, learn, and grow. So why would the need for self-love be any different, right. Things […]

Bible Study Tips for Beginners {from a Beginner}

I am so excited to share my Bible Study Tips for Beginners {from a Beginner} YouTube video! Thank you for the warm welcome back to YouTube – you are so amazing. I was quite literally terrified about returning to YouTube and talking about my faith. It is one thing to write about it. But it […]