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Bible Study with me Esther

I am so excited to share another Bible Study with me video! Today we’re looking at the Book of Esther another example of the amazing women from the Bibles. Esther is a beautiful story of patience, faith, and wisdom. Bible Study with me Esther  Lesson from Esther it is never beneficial to hateful. Regardless of titles, status, or […]

10 Quotes I Live By

There is nothing better than a great quote. I don’t know about you but sometimes reading a great quote will spark an idea in my head. Or inspire to do something to get outside of my comfort zone. Here are 10 quotes I have come to live by. 10 Quotes I Live By 1 – […]

Intimacy as a Young Christian Wife

I am so excited to share the fourth part of my Young Christian Wife series video! Intimacy is key to a healthy marriage. So don’t use intimacy as a weapon. Can’t wait to share more in the upcoming Young Christian Wife book.  Intimacy as a Young Christian Wife  1 – Our bodies belong to one another. 2 – […]