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Verse Mapping for Beginners

Hey you, welcome back or welcome if you are new here! I’m making it my business in 2019 to overload you with different bible study techniques, methods, tips, and printables. I’m usually not one for beating a dead horse but I recently realized that some people need that. So if that’s you make sure you […]

Why you should pray before bible study

When I first started studying the bible on my own I didn’t see the need for prayer before bible study. But after reading more difficult bible books like Revelations, I quickly realized I needed God to give me understanding. I can only imagine the difference prayer would have made in my bible study routine. Thanks […]

How to Color Code and Highlight your Bible

There is power in the word. I know reading the Bible can be daunting and a bit scary. But it doesn’t have to be. These simple color code and highlight your bible techniques. Will help you create a bible study and note-taking technique that works for you. Today I’m sharing my note-taking and highlighting method […]

Bible Study with me Esther

I am so excited to share another Bible Study with me video! Today we’re looking at the Book of Esther another example of the amazing women from the Bibles. Esther is a beautiful story of patience, faith, and wisdom. Bible Study with me Esther  Lesson from Esther it is never beneficial to hateful. Regardless of titles, status, or […]

How to get Consistent with reading the Bible

I find myself answering the same question repeatedly from different people online. Today I’m sharing my thoughtful answer in hopes it will help you kick start your faith journey. Many of you struggle with the same issue of becoming a consistent Bible reader. Believe me I get it. I have stopped and started my Bible […]