Verse Mapping for Beginners

Hey you, welcome back or welcome if you are new here! I’m making it my business in 2019 to overload you with different bible study techniques, methods, tips, and printables. I’m usually not one for beating a dead horse but I recently realized that some people need that. So if that’s you make sure you […]

Why you should pray before bible study

When I first started studying the bible on my own I didn’t see the need for prayer before bible study. But after reading more difficult bible books like Revelations, I quickly realized I needed God to give me understanding. I can only imagine the difference prayer would have made in my bible study routine. Thanks […]

How to be a Godly Wife

I have been reading Exodus for a while now -let’s just say it’s taking me longer than I’d like to admit. I’m still struggling to balance it all. Anyways while reading Exodus I came across a verse that confused me. Honestly it seemed rather out of place. I found myself rereading the verse over and […]

Garden Tour

I have been anxiously waiting to show you my urban garden. This video has been a long time coming. Originally I planned on purchasing potted plants but after some research starting from seed proved to be less expensive. Most of my garden supplies came from the dollar tree excluding my soil, lights, and large seed starting trays. Gardening […]

When God calls you to Speak Morning Coffee ☕ with Chellbee

When you’ve been called… Throughout my blogging journey I have lost and found my voice. I have questioned if what I’m doing is right. Is it worth it? Am I truly helping others? Or am I simply fooling myself. But then doing my bible study of Proverbs I came across a scripture that spoke to […]