6 Brilliant Steps to Organize your Linen Closet

Learn how to organize your linen closet and make better use of this space. These tips are perfect if you have found yourself in need of additional storage space.

Now I’m a little embarrassed to admit this but I organized and de-cluttered our linen closet so well that I cleared up enough space to empty two shelves. Which I decided to used them to store our printer, books, and random nick knacks.

Is it just me or do you find yourself thinking where and when did I get all this stuff every time you tackle a home organization project. Somehow I grew a garden of books which is weird because I know I donated a lot of our books during our last move.

Anywho in this post, I’ll share with you 6 simple steps to organize your linen closet, why you need to get started today, and linen closet organization essentials shopping list. Once you read these tips you will wonder why you didn’t organize your linen closet sooner.

One of the reasons, I decided to organize our linen closet was in preparation for our little one Rose. I needed to change my office and vanity room into a nursery. Because I wasn’t ready to get rid of all the items in my office. I decided to sell the larger pieces of furniture that I felt I could do without.

The remaining items like hair supplies, makeup, and my book collection had to go somewhere in our home. I didn’t want to put them in our outdoor shed because I still use them regularly.

Which inspired me to declutter  and reorganize our linen closet. I was able to finish in just one day. I quickly realized there was a lot of unused space in our linen closet.

If you give these linen closet organizing tips a try you will likely find some additional space too.

Organizing your linen closet is a great way to find storage space for your home. The #tribe is all about make use of every inch of existing storage space.

After all, who needs three shelves of towel. I mean unless you have a household full of people. You can stand to get rid of some of those linens.

I personally find it difficult to neatly fold and stack bed linens so I decided to store our bed linen in a storage bin that sits on the floor of our linen closet.

Depending on the location of your linen closet this can also be a great space to store overflow toiletries and laundry items. If you have kids you may find the linen closet to be a great place to store cleaning items.

With our little one learning, walking, and getting into everything, in what feel like less than five seconds time. We’ve found it best to store our bathroom cleaning products in the linen closet.

Because its easy for her to open the sink cabinet but she doesn’t yet know how to open doors. So if you have a toddler you may want to make space to store your cleaning products in the linen closet.

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Linen Closet Organization | Learn how to organize your linen closet and make better use of this space. These tips are perfect if you have found yourself in need of additional storage space. closet organization ideas | organization hacks | organize closet #organizing #minimalism #declutter #purge #simplify

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your linen closet space. Who say you can only use it to store your linens.

I have seen linen closets used to store cleaning supplies, craft supplies, and office supplies. So if you find that you are running out of closet space or home storage space consider using your linen closet instead.

6 Brilliant Steps to Organize your Linen Closet

Here are 6 simple steps that will help you organize your linen closet like a professional organizer. P.S. This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more) –  read full disclosure policy.

  1. Sort and Discard Linen Get rid of any stained or ripped linen. 
  2. Store or Donate Extra Linen If you find you have a lot of linen that is in good condition but is seldom used try donating them to your local shelter or Goodwill. If your insistent on not letting go of your extra linen then store them. Purchase large storage bins and place extra linen on the floor space of your linen closet.
  3. Fold and Stack Linen You can fold your linen however you like. As long as they look neat. A organizing tip is to face the open seams towards the wall. If you want to display your bed linens you may want to try using the KonMari method.
  4. Add Baskets These are great for storing smaller items that you don’t necessarily want to display. But are not able to fit under your bathroom sink. 
  5. Over the Door Storage You can totally do without over the door storage for your iron and ironing board. But I totally want  one for our linen closet because I am tired of getting hit with the iron board. I totally have my husband to thank or that, can you relate girl.
  6. 6. Keep it fresh Adding scented satchels or wall freshners are great ways to freshen up your linen closets.

Linen Closet Organization Essentials

When it comes to linen closet organization essential the list is actually pretty short and simple. It just comes down to choosing items that match your style.

What is your style, are you  Fixer Upper farmhouse, Chic glamour, or modern?

Like so many others I have fallen in love with the Farmhouse style. But if that is not your style don’t worry I have tried to find some options for every style and budget.

As always #tribe, organizing your home doesn’t have to empty your pockets.

After all, I am sure you have other places you would rather spend your money like family vacations, date night, or some good food. Okay, that last one maybe just me. What can I say I really like to eat.

Anyways, lets get onto the linen closet essentials because that is why you are here after all.

Shelf liners


Woven Baskets

Large Storage Bin

Over the door storage for Iron and Ironing board

I hope this inspired you to organize your linen closet like a pro. Don’t forget to bookmark this post as inspiration and to help you create your shopping list. Once you grab your items, decide on a date, and get started with organizing your linen closet.

I know you are going to thank me when your done. Hopefully your local shelter or Goodwill will thank you too. Because we both know you are holding on to some linen you took from your mom’s house years ago. It’s time to let them go girl.

Once you’re done you will love the way your linen closet looks. Be sure to take pictures and share it on your favorite social media platform. I would love to see the finished results so please tag me on social media.

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Linen Closet Organization | Learn how to organize your linen closet and make better use of this space. These tips are perfect if you have found yourself in need of additional storage space. closet organization ideas | organization hacks | organize closet #organizing #minimalism #declutter #purge #simplify