How to Master Dollar Tree Fridge Organization

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I think I for sure get a little bit of home organization envy. Like for real the green eye monster hits me every time I see a beautifully organized refrigerator on Pinterest or YouTube.

If your not totally nuts about home organization than this probably sounds ridiculous to you.

But you have got to admit there is something ASMR like about beautifully organized spaces even if it’s not your taste or style.

When I see someone who has an organized refrigerator it makes me think they have they’ve got there stuff together’.

I just don’t see myself as being one of those people. Seeing as how I find it hard to get motivated to throw out leftover.

Yeah I totally just admitted that. So go ahead and judge me. Hey it’s an extra dirty dish to clean that I can avoid if I just leave it in the fridge for another day.

Please tell me I’m not the only one who thinks like this. I know your with me Momma, it’s ok you don’t have to say it out loud – just nod your head and keep reading.

Don’t get me wrong I love to organize. And if you have been here before you know I’m all about saving money.

So I figured maybe just maybe fridge organization would be worth trying if it reduced our food waste. My only stipulation was that it had to be extremely affordable and require as little of a time commitment as possible.

If it helps keep the fridge clean, it only makes sense to give it a try.

When I started taking inventory of our fridge to begin this organization project I realized our fridge is never really overflowing with food. The only benefit to doing this project is that it would give our items a flat resting place instead of our wire shelves.

Word to the wise, if you purchase a lot of pre-made food, produce, snacks, or meal prep organizing your fridge with storage container is necessary.

Once I took inventory of my fridge I realized we don’t by any of the above. But since I had already done the research I figured I may as well share with you.

In this post, I will explain why organizing your refrigerator is important, how to organize your fridge, and provide an essential Dollar Tree fridge organization shopping list.

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How to Master Dollar Tree Fridge Organization

You are probably wondering why you should organize your fridge. If you don’t enjoy spending hours cleaning than organizing your fridge is a great way to save time and energy.

Organizing your fridge is a simple way to cleaning faster and efficient.

If I clean out the fridge once a month it’s a miracle. By clean out the fridge I mean actually taking the time to disinfect the inside and outside, wipe down the drawers and shelves, and discard anything that is no longer edible.

Keeping your refrigerator organized will help you to reduce food waste, make it easy to inventory your current stockpile, and give your family easy access to snack, prepared lunch, and produce.

Words of Caution from a Stock piler 

I can’t tell you how many times I have thrown away produce because I didn’t realize it was in the fridge. Not to mention how many expiration dates have come and gone without any notice.

Meal planning has helped reduce our food waste. Along with shopping only for what we need and not stockpiling food for our pantry.

Which I always did in the past. Until I food myself throwing away food because it had gone years past the expiration day.

We also make it a point to try to use all the food in our fridge, freezer, and pantry before grocery shopping again. Monthly grocery shopping and meal planning has made this easy to implement.

If you enjoy this post, you may find these kitchen organization blog post helpful when it comes to organizing on a budget.

5 Simple Steps to Organize your Fridge with Dollar Tree

You can organize your refrigerator in just a few simple steps. If you follow this blog post you can organize your fridge in just about an hour. Of course that wouldn’t include your trip to the Dollar Tree or online ordering. You will want to plan ahead this post should help you with doing just that.

  1. Decide what items you plan to keep and which ones you plan to throw away. Now that you know what items you want to keep.
  2. Make a mental note of the Dollar Tree essentials that would work best for your fridge.  
  3. Buy your Dollar Tree organization items.
  4. Clean your fridge.
  5. Organize it!

Dollar Tree Fridge Organization Essentials

These are the best Dollar Tree fridge organization products. These products will help you maximize your fridge space and keep your food waste down.

Set up a great organization system by grouping together items by product similarity, shape, or frequency of use.

When it comes to storage bin Dollar Tree has so many options from colored baskets to the acrylic look. Whatever you choose you should be able to find a bin that matches your style. I personally love the acrylic look although I have never seen them in my local Dollar Tree.

Plastic Baskets Dollar Tree Fridge Organization

  • Basket with Handles
  • Locker Bins with Handles 
  • Clear Rectangular Drawer Organizers
  • Clear Tray
  • Bowls – these bowls are great for eggs, produce, and cheese

Drawers Dollar Tree Fridge Organization

General Organization 
Dollar Tree Fridge Organization

My Favorite Dollar Tree Fridge Organization Youtube Videos

I don’t know why but sometimes I get on these weird binges where all I want to do is watch home organization videos. What is that about? Is it just me?

I think watching organizing videos, kind of has an ASMR effect for me. Like how some people are all into watching Clean with Me videos. I tried to get into it but it makes me feel guilty because I don’t clean half those areas people clean in those videos. You can totally judge me, because I’m judging me.

Anyways here are some of my favorite Fridge Organization videos. Hopefully watching they will inspire you to get started with organizing out your fridge.

Amazon Fridge Organization under $15

Just in case you don’t live near a Dollar Tree or are not able to have Dollar Tree delivered to your home here are a few Amazon fridge organization options.

I hope this inspired you to organize your fridge with inexpensive items. I think you will enjoy your time in the kitchen that much more. Don’t forget to bookmark or Pin this post for later. You will need some inspiration to get started along with a ready made shopping list.

So once you have grabbed your items, decide on a date, and get started with organizing your fridge. I promise you will love the way your fridge looks so be sure too take a picture. Share it because I would love to see the finished results, please tag me on social media.

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Fridge organization dollar store | Learn how to organize your fridge only using items from the Dollar Tree. These tips are perfect for women looking to save money, get organized, and reduce food waste. fridge organizaton | organization hacks | organization ideas | organized fridge | organisation #lifehacking #kitchenorganization #homemakingtips #homeorganization