How to Make a Wedding Planning Binder that will Make you stay Organized!


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When I first got engaged, I did not have a clue about weddings. I mean literally everything I knew about weddings came from shows like Say Yes to the Dress, Bridezillas, and David Tutera My Fair Wedding.

Needless to say, as entertaining as those shows are they did not quite prepare me for the wedding planning process or wedding industry. You need a Wedding Planning Binder If…

  • You are a DIY bride
  • You are planning the wedding yourself (without a wedding planner to handle the process)
  • You have no experience planning weddings

The reality is your wedding will be here before you know it. So it’s important to make this process as easy as possible for yourself. Your probably feeling…

  • Stressed
  • Overwhelmed
  • Anxiety
  • Unprepared
  • Nervous
  • Tired

Take it from someone who knows. The best thing you can do to prepare for your beautiful wedding day is create a wedding planning binder that has all your details in one place.

Don’t worry Beautiful, I got you covered, there are a few essentials you will need to survive your big day. Your Wedding Planning Binder will

  • Keep you organized.
  • Focused on the task at hand.
  • A bit more relaxed since everything will be contained in one place (instead of your purses, random folders, envelopes, car, etc.).
  • Evolve over time. As you get further along in the planning process you will find that you need less information in your binder once you have confirmed your wedding day vendors. 

Every great wedding day binder begins with the pages listed below. I hope this help your beauties with your planning process. Congratulation and I know you are going to have a beautiful day that makes all your dreams come true.

Oh yeah don’t forget about creating your wedding registry. Amazon has a universal registry now where you can add items from others stores!

And because I love you so much. I decided to share my Dream Wedding Day Planning Organizer which I created and used on my wedding day. It is classic and perfect, no matter what stage you are in whether you are recently engaged or 30 days from the big day.

You can grab your dream Wedding Day Planner right here!


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Wedding Planning Binder Must Haves

  • Contact list Must this way if anyone goes missing during the wedding day, you can easily give them a call since no one goes anywhere without their phone these days. This also keeps you from having to be the bridal party wrangler, you can hand your wedding binder off to a trusted friend to handle the missing person.
  • Wedding Budget Important especially if you’re like me and do not have an endless budget. I definitely struggled to find a wedding budget that fit my needs perfectly especially when it came to keeping track of my DIY project for the wedding. I would suggest printing at least 5 wedding budget planners if you are going to add it to your binder. This will help you create a best case, worst case, and actual budget.
  • Vendor List Really helpful in the beginning of the wedding planning process this will help you keep track of who you spoke to and make the decision-making process easy if you make appropriate notes.
  • Guest list Obvious necessity: your guest list is an important determinant of your wedding cost. There are several online guest list trackers, but personally, I prefer a printable that I can keep in my binder. (I think my OCD is showing, excuse me). But for all your digital beauties The Knot has a great online guest list that pairs perfectly with their wedding website.
  • Business Card Holder If you want to take your wedding planner binder to the next level business card holder will be perfect for storing all those business cards you received believe me you will receive a ton.
  • Contracts and Receipts I found it best to purchase sheet protectors to store my contracts and receipt inside of my wedding planning binder (this will keep this easy to review and safe).

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