Introducing a powerful new podcast for Christian women! Dear Bold Believer Podcast hosted by Chellbee Johnson which shares the word of God through inspiring stories and conversations. This podcast seeks to uplift and empower women in the Christian faith.

Every episode will provide bible based wisdom and resources to help Christian women live their best lives.

In the near future we will host conversations with a diverse group of amazing Christian women, this podcast will cover a variety of topics such as faith, marriage, motherhood, purpose, and much more.

Tune in every Monday at 6 am Eastern Standard Time for your weekly Bold Cup of Christ!

Come each week to listen to our uplifting podcast as we learn and grow together in faith! Get access to life-changing resources and gain the knowledge you need to live your best life as a Christian woman.

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Trusting God during Uncertainty Dear Bold Believer

Do you feel uncertain about your future? Are you struggling to trust God during this time of uncertainty? In this episode of the Dear Bold Believer Podcast, we discuss simple strategies to help you find peace of mind and keep your faith strong. We'll discuss how to lean into the truth that God has a plan, even when it doesn't feel like it. Plus, we'll provide practical tips on how to keep the faith when life doesn't make sense. — Support this podcast:
  1. Trusting God during Uncertainty
  2. Journey to a Closer Walk with God
  3. Embrace God Given Worth
  4. How Jesus Fills Your Brokenness
  5. How to Get God's Word in You