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Self-Love the endless Journey

Image Credit: Chellbee and Justin HarrellThis post is sponsored by Verizon. All opinions are mine and mine alone. Oh dear self why are we always on an endless journey. Likely because a journey indicates there is no final destination. We journey to explore, learn, and grow. So why would the need for self-love be any different, right. Things […]

Designing a Self-Care Routine

 Image Credit: Brigitte Tohm Creating an actual self-care morning routine, instead of that rut you’ve fallen into. Can be the difference between snapping or smiling at that hoovering coworker. A self-care routine that fits your needs will mentally prepare you for the day. It’s time to start to into sources of inspiration, joy, and motivation everyday. […]

Dream Big and Be Bold: The Journey to Happiness

Image Credit: Kim Carpenter I want to be happy. I know that statement may sound like a simple and obvious request. But in all honesty happiness as I define it and happiness as you define it are probably completely different, and that is to be expected. Happiness for me means being an Independent Entrepreneur who […]

The World has enough Frauds, Why you Need to be Authentic

Image Credit: Dc Lovensky The best thing you can do is be authentic. In a world filled with imitators, frauds, liar, and phony. Being yourself is the only way to be original, no one can be you. Let me first start by saying this is our place, to be honest, and to be ourselves. I am […]