I remember sharing a prayer I wrote for a friend during a period where she was experiencing anxiety and having thoughts of suicide. I knew the only thing that would get her through this was prayer and bible verses.

But I didn’t want to just pray for her. I also shared with her the prayer that I wrote so that she could pray it over herself. As well as the scriptures that I was standing on for her during prayer.

Shortly after she read it, she texted me and said, “you should sell these.” I giggled a bit and didn’t give it a second thought.

But the Holy Spirit had other plans for me. In Fall 2020 I relaunched this business while pregnant with my 2nd child. The COVID pandemic and police brutality made me fearful for the future of my unborn son.

I knew I needed to use the fuel to pull me closer to the word of God. You will find all my products are born out of my need to create a closer relationship with the Lord.

We should not just read the word; we should dedicate ourselves to deepening our relationship with Christ. ChellbeeShop is all about sharing bible verses, affirmation, and prayer cards, bible study journals, and bible-based truth to help busy women stay connected to the word of God.

The few moments of free time I have from work, marriage, and motherhood are spent working in my Villa Rica, GA-based home studio.

A team of one I can be found bible studying, creating new bible verse and affirmation card sets, finding supplies that will ensure each of our products wow our customer, and creating content for my blog and YouTube channel.

As a creator, the best part of my workday is looking out my window to see Jay (my husband) and Rose (my 3-year-old) in the garden while rocking Kayden (my newborn) in his chair with my foot and running the printer and Silhouette machine to produce new products for my shop.

Thank you so much for visiting my shop. Praying you will keep praising God even if…