Woman you are set Free


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Woman, you are set free Journal is a 31-day journey of journaling and prayer to align your faith and purpose with the will of God. Whether you are a Bible study beginner or prayer warrior, the Fearless, Favored, and Free Challenge will encourage you to dig deeper into the Word to create intimacy with Christ.

The Woman, you are set free Journal will help you create a meaningful bible study routine and prayer life.
Each week I will be sharing bible study tip tutorials on the soap method, digging deeper during your bible study, and highlighting and note taking in your bible.

31 day Bible Reading Plan that will inspire you to be who God created you to be.

The Woman you are set free Journal was created to help you study the Bible on your own and align your life with God’s will in prayer. Set yourself free by relentlessly pursing time with Christ.

Join the #fr33challenge today and reignite your spiritual journey.

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