Daily Gratitude and Scripture Journal


The Gratitude Journal is designed to help you live in a spirit of thankfulness and joy. This journal takes a unique approach to deepening your connection with God and appreciating the life He has blessed you with—all while helping you experience more joy and gratitude in your daily life.
The simple and elegant design of this journal allows you to record key moments of your day, be it a time of reflection, a word of appreciation for a loved one, or a prayer for healing.
This journal is a meaningful gift, helping to encourage the recipient to reconnect with their faith and appreciate the goodness of life.
With the Gratitude Journal, you can more deeply connect with the Lord and live in the joy of gratitude. Experience the difference of this unique journal and express your love and gratitude for the God who loves us most.

• W H A T ‘ S I N C L U D E D ? •
Laminated protective cover and journal 5.5 x 8.5 inches. The journal includes 75 pages for a total of 150 pages as the journal is printed on the front and back.

• M A T E R I A L S •
Journals are printed on high-quality paper and made from my Georgia home office!