Faith Journal


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The Faith Journal takes you through every step necessary for creating a bible study routine. From bible reading plan to soap journal and prayer journal. Everything you need to embrace your faith including:
18-week soap bible study journal

  • How to bible study, pray, and strengthen your faith using a soap journal.
  • Step by step tips for using soap method to journal and examples of the bible study soap journal.
  • The secret to connecting with God is to relentlessly pursue Him in all that you do.
  • The Faith Journal was created to help you study the Bible on your own and embrace the love you have for God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit every day.
    Soap Method for Journaling

    • Scripture: Read scriptures write down the bible verses that stood out to you.
    • Observations: What were your observations, what was happening, what was the sentiments?
    • Application: How does what you read apply to your life? What lessons can you take away?
    • Pray: What do you want to tell God as a result of what you read?