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Speak Success Over Your Life

Words are powerful. We as human beings have a habit of speaking freely, often times without understanding the repercussions. On episode 3, we will discuss the importance of speaking success over your life.Listen to the Speak Success Over Your Life full podcast episode now!SUMMARY Be positive in your action and words. No one wants to be around […]

The Death of the American Dream

Image Credit: Createher Stock Does the American Dream still exist? I would say kind of. The entire world climate has changed drastically since the concept of the American Dream was created. In the 21st century, the American Dream has become a fallacy that people aspire to. Similar to keeping up with The Jones or in today’s […]

These Secrets Will Make you Reinvent your Morning

This week on Monday Motivation we’re discussing a technique that helps make every day great! If you’re anything like me you hit the snooze button 3 times before rolling out of bed. Just to hop onto the computer and complete that endless to-do list. Before you know it, 5 hours have passed and you have nothing […]

Take the Leap! How to Overcome Fear

Image Credit: Zachary Nelson Fear by definition is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat. Fear is a very underhanded emotion. It is a sneaky little devil. If you’re not careful fear can keep you from becoming who you want to be. […]

Dream Big and Be Bold: The Journey to Happiness

Image Credit: Kim Carpenter I want to be happy. I know that statement may sound like a simple and obvious request. But in all honesty happiness as I define it and happiness as you define it are probably completely different, and that is to be expected. Happiness for me means being an Independent Entrepreneur who […]