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My Faith is Broken

I am happy to share another faith chats! I love these talks with you all despite the tears in this video and I pray this reaches someone who needs to hear it. Of course, if you enjoy this video, I would love for you to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I have been making an […]

My Struggles with Attending Church

I am so excited to share my first faith chat! I love talking with you all and figured what better way to share my faith journey. Of course, if you enjoy this video, I would love for you to subscribe to my YouTube channel. Lately, I’ve been thinking about what obstacles have stopped me from […]

My Open Letter to Religious People

 Image Credit: CreateHer Stock Dear Stereotypical Christian that we all love to hate. No seriously though I’ve learned that as Christian we have a lot of responsibilities. Not only do we have to be examples for fellow Christian but also non believers. I wanted to debunk the myths related to the role of Christian. Church […]

The Awakening

Growth in any form will not only change but force you to change your surrounding.  The harsh reality is some people are only meant to be apart of our life for a season. SUMMARY Often times growth forces your to lose friendships that you may not be ready to let go of. You will have […]

10 Quotes on Living a Life of Faith

I have been sharing so much inspiration lately, I have honestly amazed myself. Now I was never one for the 10-page letter. But God had been placing some truths on my heart and the fastest way for me to share them has been on social media. After about 5 amazingly long social media post, tons […]

Don’t Fight Your Evolution

Don’t allow others expectations or perceptions of you to stop you from becoming the person your heart desires. Own your story! Overcome the negativity that is trying to stop your evolution. SUMMARY There will always be people in your life that dislike change. Don’t let others make you feel bad for evolving. Recognize the difference […]