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Best 6 Perfumes of All Time | Atlanta-Based Lifestyle Blog

Image Credit: Alexandra Gom One of my favorite things about getting dressed these days is picking a fragrance. I don’t know about you but its something special about choosing your fragrance for the day. I will say there was a time when my fragrance line up consisted only of Victoria Secret body mist.As I got older […]

Best Drugstore Lipsticks | Atlanta-Based Lifestyle Blog

Image Credit: Eye for Ebony Lipstick is by far my favorite accessory. Lipstick can transform any look. On a bad day lipstick can also lift yours spirits and make your feel beautiful.You wouldn’t know it now but when I first started wearing makeup I was terrified at the idea of wearing lipstick. I thought lipstick […]

How to Grow Healthy Hair (No Matter The Hair Type)

The most frequently asked question over the last year has been, how did I grow my hair? Honestly for a while I truly wasn’t sure how I got to this point myself. My hair has grown significantly in the last year not just in length but also in volume. I made some changes to my routine […]