Protect Your Energy

When you recognize the influence that those around you have on you attitude. You will begin to understand why protecting your energy is so important. Simple tips that you can use to overcome negative people and remove that bad energy from your life. Listen to the Protect Your Energy full podcast episode now!SUMMARY The transference of […]

3 Reasons you Haven’t Started Working toward your Goals

Image Credit: Christin Hume I have served in many different roles and met a lot of different people along the way. Therefore, I’ve heard it all before when it comes to reasons for not getting started with your goals. Let me be clear your reasons for not getting started equals excuses. When you want something […]

Talk The Talk

Anyone can talk about what they’re going to do, who they’re going to be, and where they’re going to go. But very few people actually accomplish the things they talk oh so frequently about. Which is why I wanted to share easy tips for Walking the Walk. If you need more help, I have an […]

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Can you believe it, it’s time for Valentine’s Day again. No matter if you’re planning on going with a handmade gift, traditional gift, or experience one thing is for sure. You want it to be a special day for the one you love. So let’s do it! Today, I’m sharing my top 3 recommendations for each […]

How to Bible Journal the S.O.A.P. Method for Beginners Guide

I’ve been sharing photos of my Bible journaling on InstaStory and I wanted to share my experience with Bible journaling. I consider myself to be like a beginner Christian, although I have always been a Christian and had a relationship with God. I don’t have it all together and I know I have a lot […]

Open Letter to my Future Successful Self

Image Credit: Chellbee and Justin Harrell I have learned so many lessons this year. I want to make sure I don’t forget any of them in the new year. Onwards and upwards. Dear Future Self, Never get comfortable Push yourself every day to continue to step outside of your comfort zone. Being comfortable for you equals […]

4 Things Distracting You from your Life Purpose

Let’s be honest, no one else can determine your life purpose for you. What I can tell you for sure, is if you allow others to define your life’s purpose you will never live your life. As children our decisions our guided by our parents and surroundings.Often times we do what is expected of us and […]

Relationship Goals

SUMMARY Don’t compare your significant other to anyone else.  People have unrealistic expectations for there relationships. Your not all in.  Listen to the Relationship Goals full podcast episode now! QUOTES Your partner is not going to want to do anything for you, if you try to motivate them by comparing them to others. Talking through […]