How to Cut Cardstock with Silhouette Portrait – Studio Vlog #2

When I was researching uses for the Silhouette Portrait 3 I could not find much content about cutting cardstock. In my search I quickly found out Silhouette Cameo is equipped to cut cardstock. 
But I was not ready to spend that type of money on a cutting machine when I was not even sure it would serve its purpose. 
I decided to give the Silhouette Portrait a try, based on the few tutorials I found on cardstock. Electronic cutters are definitely great options for intricate and detailed projects.
Bible verse cards are my most popular product, cutting them does not take a lot of detail work but it is time-consuming to cut them by hand with the paper guillotine. Additionally cutting by hand is less precise and doesn’t provide uniform results like the Silhouette Portrait. 

How to Cut Cardstock with Silhouette Portrait

The Silhouette Portrait requires you to utilize their software to identify where the machine will need to cut. I suggest adding registration marks to help the machine identify the cut area.
Silhouette Studio is easy to use and most of all it is free. You can design within the studio or import your design which is what I typically do.
However, I have had a few issues with my cutting machine. Lighting is important when using your cutting machine, dim lighting can lead to your Silhouette Portrait cutting machine failing to read the registration marks. You can remedy this by purchasing a desk light. 
Here is the list of supplies you will need to cut cardstock on the Silhouette Portrait electronic cutter.  

Cutting Cardstock with Silhouette Portrait Supplies

  • Portrait Cutting Machine – easy to use the cutting machine and great bundle with all you need to get started
  • HP Laptop – you will need a laptop to design and send cardstock to the electronic cutting machine
  • Desk light  – key to getting your machine to read registration marks every time
  • Cutting mats – inexpensive cutting mats, thicker than the Silhouette brand. Great for cutting cardstock. 

Step by Step on How to Cut Cardstock with Silhouette Portrait

  1. Import or create your design in Silhouette Studio.
  2. Add your cut areas and create your Page Setup.
  3. Once complete, print your design on desired cardstock.
  4. Stick your printed cardstock design onto your Silhouette Portrait cutting matt.
  5. With your design open in Silhouette Studio, go to the “Send” tab.
  6. Ensure to select cardstock – there are several cardstock paper options.
  7. Initially, send your design using the preset auto blade setting for your desired cardstock. 
    • If the setting doesn’t properly cut your item. Try increasing the force by 2-3. 
    • If it still is not properly cut try increasing the blade setting by 1-2.
    • If it still is not properly cut increase the number of passes.
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