Summer Vacation at Unicoi Lodge and State Park + Life Updates

I know life is different for each of you now. This whole COVID thing has changes this for forever. But this post is really not about that.

I wanted to talk about some of the changes that are happening in our family. I thought it would be fun to share. 

I hope you all will drop in the comments to let me know what’s new for you and your family. How are you adapting, coping, and growing in the midst of so much change.

We went on our first family trip we haven’t been on vacation in years. We didn’t do anything elaborate not that you can in this current climate. Fortunately we enjoy fishing and camping so we took a trip to the north Georgia mountains. 
The Unicoi Lodge is more like staying in a hotel although it does have a nice courtyard. But we did go fishing near by as well as visited there man made beach. There was plenty to do although I couldn’t do much in the heat being pregnant.

We had a great time and would definitely recommend it if you are ever in Georgia. I know we will be back but next time having a cabin is a must. We need a kitchen.

So I now your thinking what’s the big update….

We are expecting a second child #Johnsonspartyof4. This was totally unplanned and I definitely struggled to cope with the change. Morning sickness surely did not help the process.

But I know this is a blessing and I’m not sure I would not have had the courage to plan for a second. Now that I am working full-time finding balance is hard enough with Rose. 

I didn’t think we could juggle two but I must be wrong. Because God clearly has other plans.

Speaking of work, COVID resulted in a layoff as well as resignation. I survived the layoff only by God’s grace. I was only 4 months in when the layoff happened and there were people who had been with the company longer than myself.

But God saw fit for me to stay and it has been a blessing for our family. After paying off my car we decided to start looking for a home.

Buying a home is nothing like I thought. It’s a sellers market, there is shortage of homes available, and houses are literally going under contract within a day of being on the market.
We have gone under contract twice and unfortunately neither home worked out. We decided that a new construction would be the best option for us because negotiation costly repairs are tough in this process.
But I know God is going to lead us to a home that is perfect for our family and suits all our needs. I am hoping to get a nice size yard to we can restart our garden. Which is exciting because Rose loves being outside and my husband already has a list of items he wants to plant.

God willing I will be able to update this post with a photo of our new home. My first plan of action will be to get our refrigerator organized using my Dollar Tree post.

Since Rose stop breastfeeding our fridge looks a lot different. Plus being pregnant I tend to need a lot of snacks and ginger ale to cope with the nausea. Whenever we get in our new home, I will be sure to record the process of organizing our kitchen.

Since COVID our church has closed and I have had a hard time staying consistent with attending online. But my bible study routine was fairly intact until my work hours changes.

Nonetheless I know I will get back on track. I still love using my faith journal and Jesus Bible (you can read the Jesus bible review here). I decided I am going to give my DIY Journal a try this go round don’t know that I will like it better but I figured I would give it a try.

I’m loving these essential oil diffuser and lavender oil. I usually get it started during bible study and keep it going all day.

My second plan of action when we get into our home is to start a new sourdough starter. I decided to let my old one go when we moved. 

I figured it would be too much to keep up with and didn’t know if we would have the space to do so living with my in-laws.

But I definitely have noticed the difference without it. I have found that I get upset stomach more often now that I am not eating sourdough regularly. I can’t wait to try to new recipes and get back to my sourdough waffles!

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