5 ways to love your body after baby

Self love | Discover 5 simple ways to love your after baby body even if its not what you expected. These tips are perfect for new moms or women struggling to lose weight.  Post partum care | Baby weight | new moms | #Selfcare #selflove #mindfulness

We’ve all heard the saying, your body will never be the same after having a baby. Somethings will change in a good way like larger breast and wider hips. But then there is also the belly weight that’s hard to shake after having a baby.

As women we place so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect. To snap back. Because something is wrong with you if your postpartum body doesn’t  look the way it did pre-baby.

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Dreading return back to the norm after having your baby. Because your scared that your jeans won’t zip up.

Simple things like holding your child. Can cause you to have negative thoughts. Looking down at your little one and catching a glimpse of your belly.

You find yourself thinking, why do I still look pregnant.

You don’t want to complain. But those five pounds seem to have settled in the worst place. You would think five pounds is no big deal, when you’ve lost forty pounds. But it is. And those pounds can taunt you.

Believe me I get it. I’m almost one year postpartum and I still have a ways to go to get back to my pre-baby body.

The reality is finding the time to exercise is not always easy or realistic. Not to mention, dieting when your trying to keep your breast milk supply up. No matter how you look right now, I want to tell you your beautiful. Most of all, I want to remind you why you should love your body right now.

5 ways to love your body after baby

  1. Remember that your body birthed your beautiful baby.
  2. Don’t compare your post baby body to other women. No women body is the same. Their is beauty in every woman’s body.
  3. Take the pressure off to return to that pre-baby body in a month or two months. If you get there great but if you don’t its ok.
  4. Talk open and honestly with the people you love about how your feeling. You will be surprised at the amount of encouragement you receive. You never know your husband may be feeling the pressure as well to drop some pounds.
  5. When your feelings unworthy. Remember Psalm 139:13-15 ESV says, I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

You are beautiful. You are wonderful. There is a purpose in everything we go through. Allow God to make you whole. When you having a hard day cling to His word.

Nursing Bras for your Body after Baby

The Cake Maternity gear was gifted to me. Please know that all opinions are my own and this is my honest initial review. I really want to give you valuable content. While still being business minded and supporting this online ministry to ensure it thrives. In an effort to do so I have collaborated with Cake Maternity (has over 10 years of experience) to host a giveaway. Be sure to check out my Instagram to enter for your chance to win a $50 Cake Maternity gift card!

I will be the first to admit I was as pretty nervous and skeptical about trying Cake Maternity nursing bras. I haven’t really talked about this before but after having Rose I completely stopped wearing bras. I purchased several bras and was never able to find a comfortable fit.

After not wearing bras for so long. I found when I went to wear a bra I would end up getting clogged ducts. Which if you have ever had clogged ducts you know how painful it is.

The first bra I decided to test was the Cake Maternity Rock Candy bra! I absolutely love it because it’s so comfortable and great for everyday wear.  I actually wore it for a whole 14 hours and forgot I even had on a bra.

I really like the plunge bra (and matching undies) because it make’s me feel sexy – can I say that. Which is a big deal if you know anything about nursing bras. Both bras look great under tank tops and offer great support – which is important to me now that my breast are larger.

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Self love | Discover 5 simple ways to love your after baby body even if its not what you expected. These tips are perfect for new moms or women struggling to lose weight.  Post partum care | Baby weight | new moms | #Selfcare #selflove #mindfulness