Cloth Diapering Wash Routine

One of the things that made me hesitant about cloth diapering was the dreaded wash routine. I didn’t want to commit to an elaborate daily routine. I knew my hands would be full enough with taking care of the little one.

Like many other new moms I did a lot of research on cloth diapering. Weighing the pros and cons to determine if doing laundry every day was worth it. Searching for the best way to wash our cloth diapers without spending too much money, time, or energy.

But ultimately it took trial and error to find a cloth diaper wash routine that worked best for our family. Moral of the story if my suggestions don’t work for you don’t be afraid to make adjustments.

Cloth Diapering Wash Routine 

  • Throw all your wet cloth diapers (pee & poo) into wet bag.
  • Every day wash your cloth diapers, whenever it is convenient for you.
  • Add in a full amount of detergent to your load. We use Arm & Hammer Sensitive Skin Detergent but you can check cloth diaper detergent index to see if your current detergent is a good fit for washing cloth diapers. 
  • Use hot water to wash cloth diapers.
  • Fill your washer to the max with water.
  • Soak diapers for 15 minutes. 
  • Dry as normal. Don’t add any fabric softener or dryer sheets. Dryer sheets can affect the absorbency of pre-fold.
  • If your pre-folds are stained you can hang dry outside for sun bleaching.

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