How to Cloth Diaper on a Budget

Cloth diapering is a world all of it’s own. There is an endless amount of information out there about cloth diapering. So much so that cloth diapering for the first time can be very overwhelming.

There are so many decisions to make. Whether you are going to use all in ones, all in twos, pocket diapers, pre-folds, one size fits all, and the list goes on and on. After a lot of research I decided to use all in 2.

Which traditionally includes cotton pre-folds and diaper covers. We decided against all in ones and pocket diapers. They seem to be a lot like reusable disposable diapers because the entire diaper needs to be washed.

Hybrid or All in 2

  • Hybrid tends to be less expensive
  • Diaper cover can be used through multiple diaper changes as long as its clean, you can simply replace the pre-fold.
  • Diaper covers can also be purchased in one size fits all. You can use the same diaper cover from infancy to potty training.
  • If you have a diy spirit you can try sewing your own diaper covers. I sewed about 24 diaper covers for our little one and it cost about $4 for each.
  • Buying used cloth diapers is another great way to save money. I purchased most of our cotton pre-folds secondhand from another local mom on Facebook. 
  • If you decided to buy second hand be sure to price buying new versus buying used. Sometimes paying for shipping can make buying new cheaper. 
  • Watch the What’s in my Diaper Bag video

How Many Diapers do I need?

  • Even if you launder your diapers every day you will likely want to have enough diapers to make it through about 1 and a half day.
  • For a newborn I would recommend having at least 16 pre-folds and 12 pre-fold for an older baby.
  • I would recommend having at least 3-5 diaper covers.

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I will be the first to say that my cloth diapering stash may not be impressive. Especially if you’re a cloth diapering junkie who loves to have different patterns and brands. For us cloth diapering was all about saving money.

I can’t say enough about how much of a blessing cloth diapering has been on our household budget. Being able to care for baby Rose without the stress of formula and disposable diapers has been a blessing.

I will admit it can be a lot of work cloth diapering. But after about a month you get use to doing laundry daily. Traveling outside of the home often can create a bit of an obstacle. Anywho this is how I spent less than $150 on my Cloth Diaper Stash that’s worth $350.

  • $87.53 Covers
  • $20 Prefolds FB
  • $14 Snappies
  • $18 Wipes (30)
  • $33 (gifted prefolds infant)
  • $35 (giftcard prefold premium)
  • $24 (giftcard cover one size & infant)

The key to traveling while cloth diapering is doing laundry frequently. Personally we like to keep a few disposables in our diaper bag as a back up. Because there have been times when I’ve forgot to pack the cloth diapers in the diaper bag.

You will also want to ensure that your little one caregivers know how to properly change and store dirty cloth diapers. Preparation is key when it comes to cloth diapering.

An ideal cloth diaper stash should include enough diapers to make it through 1 and a half days. Currently for us that means having at least 15 cloth diapers – we actually have around 25 cloth diapers in Rose’s current size.

We cloth diaper using the hybrid method so in addition to cotton prefolds (which I refer to as cloth diapers) we use cloth diaper covers. We have about 28 cloth diaper covers total – 3 pre-made cloth diaper cover – and they are all one size fits all.

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