Beginner’s Guide to Gardening

I’m semi convinced that I have a black thumb. Although I have managed to keep flowers from the hubby, bamboo, and flower pots -for hanging outside- alive. The thought of gardening terrifies me a bit.

What if I kill everything. That would really suck. But I was recently inspired to give it a try. Years ago my sister gifted me a topsy turvey for tomatoes.

For the last year I’ve been staring at the box in my pantry. I finally decided what the heck, I may as well try after all who could it hurt. So I committed to starting a garden this spring.

As always I have gone into full on research mode trying to find out all I can about gardening for beginners. Since we have limited space outside I decide we would do a container garden and grow a few herbs indoors. Here’s what I’ve learned about gardening as a beginner thus far.

Beginner’s Gardening Tips 

1. Find out your Planting Zone
You can do this by looking on the back of your seed packet or by visiting has a lot of information about when you should start your seedling and when to transplant your seedling outside. This will help you figure out when is the best time of year to start a garden in your area.

2. Location & convenience
Once you’ve decided you want to start a garden, you will need to decide on the best location. Be sure to consider whether or not your will to spend the time and effort it takes to manage an outdoor garden.

Gardening can be very therapeutic. But it is a commitment so you need to be realistic with yourself – especially if your like me and don’t like spending hours on end outdoors.

3. Sun and shade
Whether you’re gardening indoors or outdoors you need to know how much sun and shade your desired location receives. Take the time to measuring how much sun and shade your desired location
get per day.

Be sure it will be an optimal location based on the items your intend to grow. If you plan on doing an indoor garden, east facing windows are usually best.

4. Budget
Gardening can easily become expensive especially if you plan on doing all organic gardening. Be sure to decide on a budget beforehand.  Make a list of the items you need, want, and want but can do without.

If you start from seed it will cost you less and you will be able to plant a wider variety of items. You do need to plan because growing seedling takes time.

5. What to grow
Choose your plants. Be sure to consider your garden location, weather in your area, required maintenance, and what the plant needs to thrive. If your not using seeds to plant then you can simply jot down the transplant dates for your crops. You can find gardening guides for every plant on the growing almanac.

6. Type of garden
Once you’ve decided to garden it is important to determine what will be the primary location of your garden indoors or outdoors. If your gardening indoors or a container garden you need to be sure you purchase plant pot that are the right size for your plant.

If your gardening outdoors you want to clear space – removing grass and weeds- in your yard ahead of your transplant date. You will also want to have your soil tested to identify what soil amendments you need to have a thriving garden.

My gardening plan is to grow spider plants, cilantro, parsley, basil, lettuce, tomatoes, bellpeppers, cosmos, and marigolds. I chose herbs that I thought would help me make the most of my tomatoes – God willing they flourish. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel to be notified – because I plan on sharing a tour of my garden in the near future.

I hope that this post has encouraged you to start your own garden, because you don’t need to be an expert! These are my favorite gardening supplies for beginners! This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience (meaning if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you anything)! Click here to read my disclosure policy.

Essentials for Indoor Herb Garden

Planter pots – be sure it includes drains and tray/container to catch excess water.

Great Soil – you’ll want to purchase soil that is appropriate for what your growing.

Plant food – you will also need a fertilizer for your plants to ensure there growth.

Windowsill plant tray

Air Purifying and Easy to Care for Indoor Plants

Because we spend so much time indoors it is important that we have quality air. Plus with the addition of the little one we’re spending more time home. Which made me wonder what if anything, I could do to enhance the air quality of our home beside an air purifier.

Although air purifiers -we have a Levoit purifier and it works great- can be great additions to your homes. One of the simplest ways to improve your home is the additions of house plants. 

There are several non toxic, easy to care for, and hard to kill house plant. With minimal care such as watering, fertilizing, and sunlight you can improve your air quality. Don’t want to spend money on fertilizer simply use eggshells and/or banana peels in water – makes for a great organic fertilizer. 

Spider Plant – great hanging plant that needs moderate indirect sunlight, to receive the full benefits of there air purifying benefits you need a lot of them. Propagating your spider plant is a easy and inexpensive way to achieve this.

Snake Plant – great houseplant but you have to be careful not to over water it because it will die.

Boston Fern – are a great option they do not need fertilizer. They are unlike other houseplants in that they need humidity.

Easy to Grow Plants for small spaces

Living in an apartment doesn’t mean you can’t have a garden. You can try growing herbs indoors or give container gardening a try. We have very little outdoor space but I figured I wasn’t going to allow that to stop me from starting our homestead.
Here are a few planting ideas that will work no matter where you live. If your like me and your home doesn’t get very much light, give grow lights – we purchased this Lovebay grow light – a try there very inexpensive.

Chives, Cilantro, and Basil  Starter Kit

Loose Leaf Lettuce


Solar Light for your Outdoor Garden

This post is sponsored by Purchase Green who sells a wide variety of Outdoor Solar Lights. Please know that all opinions are my own and this is my honest initial review. I really want to give you valuable content. While still being business minded and supporting this online ministry to ensure it thrives. In an effort to do so I have collaborated with Purchase Green.

First I want to start by saying how easy the Solar Light is to install and use. I was a little concerned it would be a lot of work but thankfully it was a simple as placing it outside in the sunlight.

We did not install our solar light unit to the cement – since we live in an apartment. But it’s totally fine and was not necessary with this unit – they also have a lot of other different outdoor solar lights.

Once we un-boxed our solar light we put it outside immediately in direct sunlight. We waited for 2 days like the instruction said, but nothing happened.

Luckily my husband took it upon himself to check on the solar light and noticed that it needed to be turned on. So once charged be sure to press switch behind the black rubber washer.

I was happy to see our Solar Light works. It’s a nice bright addition to my container garden and apartment walkway. Its nice to be able to look out my window and actually see whats happening out there.

Make sure you check out my Garden Tour video and you can see just how bright the Solar Light is. I personally love it because our apartment doesn’t have many outdoor light so it’s pitch black for the most part.

Beginner’s Gardening Resources 

I have learned so much about gardening on Youtube. I had no idea there were so many gardener were online sharing helpful tips. You can literally find the answer to every gardening question.

I especially enjoyed finding all the gardening goodies that Dollar Tree had to offer, who would have known. Here are some of my favorite Youtube gardener.

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