How to Master Monthly Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping

Monthly Meal Planning and Grocery Shopping

Monthly meal planning and grocery shopping will help you keep your budget on track and save time. Because even the best cook will come to dread weekly grocery shopping trips.

If you are a new mom, you’ve likely began to despise packing up the house to go out into the world. Let alone visit the grocery store with its endless aisles, lengthy checkout lanes, and crowds of people.

Although planning a monthly meal plan sounds like a big task. If you try a few of my simple tips grocery shopping and meal planning for your family will never be the same. The key to monthly meal planning is taking advantage of your family favorites meals.

How to Master Monthly Meal Planning

  1. Find your family favorite meals. You will need at least 5 staple recipes.
  2. With the simple addition of your latest craving you can mix it up, trying out new recipes each month. I typically try about 2 new recipes a month to give us variety.
  3. For a family of 2 plan for 12-15 meals per month.
  4. Add an extra 2 meals just in case you run through your meal plan quicker than expected.
  5. Keep a running list of your favorite recipes either in your home using a recipe binder or on your phone using apps like Evernote or Keep. Be sure to click here to access my free Recipe Binder!

Planning for Monthly Grocery Shopping Trip

  1. Choose a grocery shopping frequency and stick with it.
  2. I recommend trying once a month. If it doesn’t work out at least you can say you tried. If it does work out, you’ll be excited about the gas, time, and money you’ve saved.
  3. Make your grocery list beforehand and stick with it. Don’t deviate once you arrive to the store.
  4. Take the time to roughly estimate how much your groceries will cost. Don’t forget about taxes. I multiply my total by 1.1 to account for taxes.
  5. If your way over your budget check to see what items, you can do without or grab next month.
  6. You can keep a running grocery list on your phone (using Keep) or a printable list (which is free). I love that on Keep I can simply archive my grocery list and reactivate it the next month making any changes I see fit.

How to Master Monthly Grocery Shopping

  1. Plan to cook your meals that use fresh produce first. Later in the month you can use frozen, dry, or canned produce.
  2. Stockpile your pantry with items that can easily create extra meals, like spaghetti or chili.
  3. Be sure to check expiration dates, the further out the better.
  4. Freeze your bread, butter, and meat to prolong the freshness.
  5. If you have a little one on solids try batch cooking their produce and freezing them.
  6. I currently use Walmart Grocery Pickup, it helps me save time and keeps me from buying things I don’t need. If you decide to give Walmart Grocery Pick up a try, use my link to enjoy $10.00 off your first order from Walmart Grocery.

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