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One of my favorite things about getting dressed these days is picking a fragrance. I don’t know about you but its something special about choosing your fragrance for the day. I will say there was a time when my fragrance line up consisted only of Victoria Secret body mist.

As I got older I began to notice others perfume and cologne and I knew it was time for me to expand my horizons. But I was never one of those people who could go to the department stores smell a scent and purchase. There are just too many smells happening in the department store and I always would find myself getting overwhelmed.

So instead I purchase a perfume sampler from Sephora. Fortunately in that set I was able to find 3 scents that I loved. Over time I was gifted several scents that I quickly added to my list of favorite scents. Here are my top 6 favorite perfumes of all time. 

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Best 6 Perfumes of All Time

1 – Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne, $65

This scent is perfect for a night out. There is nothing subtle about this scent but it’s not overwhelming

2 – Michael Kors Very Hollywood, $65

This is by far one of my favorite perfumes. I could wear it everyday, it makes me feel fancy. 

3 – Gucci Flora, 38.99

I definitely have a secret love affair for this perfume. I love it but my nose can be sensitive to it. You def should use it sparingly. My husband loves this scent on me.

4 – Cool Water by Zino Davidoff, $39

I think this was the first perfume my mom ever bought for me so I’m probably partial. But it’s nice and subtle

5 – Victoria Secret Heavenly, $52

For months I was smelling this perfume everywhere, so when I finally found out what it was I had to have it.

6 – Bath and Body Works A Thousand Wishes, $21

I hated to see that Dark Kiss was discontinued. I don’t know who could hate the smell of sugar. I always got compliments while wearing this scent. But I was in Bath and Body Works recently and fell in love with A Thousand Wishes. My husband bought me the entire set and I can’t get enough of the sugar scrub

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