Prayer for a Fruitful Future | Morning Coffee ☕ with Chellbee

Let us pray for a fruitful future that is rooted in faith and God's will.

I am so excited to share another Morning Coffee with Chellbee video! There is power in prayer. Today we’re praying for a fruitful future that is rooted in faith and God’s will. Let’s pray together!

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Morning Coffee with Chellbee Fruitful Future Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, as we continue to walk in the path you have set before us. We ask that you grant us a fruitful future. For we know that we are your chosen and favored children. Remember that all good things are from you and have faith that we can get through all things with you. Our mind, heart, and spirit are excited ad ready to serve your Kingdom. Help us to stay focused on you and avoid distractions. Allow us to be a blessing in the lives of others. Above all enable us to seek your will instead of our own desires. In Jesus name, we pray, Amen.

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