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I wanted to be sure to keep you guys posted about the behind the scenes of Chellbee. If you’ve been with me for a while then you’ve probably noticed that Chellbee has a new look. I moved blogging platforms for the fourth time and now I’ve returned to blogger as on September 2017.

After writing How to Choose a Blog or Website Platforms over a year ago, I decided to take heed to my own advice. In an effort to save money and ensure the longevity of Chellbee I made the switch from SquareSpace to Blogger. I will be the first to tell you it was a bit time consuming and I had to do a lot of research.

Hopefully by sharing this post with you today I can save you some time and the headache of making the moving by giving you the tools and tips you need to start your blog on blogger. If your still wondering what is blogger- it is a free blogging platform powered by Google also known as blogspot.

I do want to preface this blog post by saying blogger is not for the weak hearted. If your not tech savvy, research oriented, and willing to put time into customizing your blogger blog. Than Blogger is likely not the way to go. If you’re new or have more money than time I would definitely say WordPress is likely a better fit for you than Blogger. Not to worry I have instructions on How to Start a WordPress blog too!

First Thing First

Before you can open a blogger account you need to have or create a google email or gmail account, which is easy to do. Be sure you use an email name that corresponds with your blog name. Here are
detailed instructions for creating your blog on blogger. To get started with blogger you will need to select one of there themes but don’t be alarmed by the appearance, I got you.

Blogger Templates

Finding a blogger template is the key to setting up a custom blog that stands out and fits your brand or personality. Don’t worry you don’t need to know HTML code in order to install blogger templates. Many of the blogger template designers are more than happy to install your template for you for free.
But the template package itself will come with instructions in case your a do it yourselfer like myself. Just in case the instructions are not included here are template install instructions. One of the best things about blogger templates is that they are relatively affordable especially in comparison to other blogging platforms like WordPress. Here are a few blogger template designers that are affordable.

Etsy Shops 

5- Templates by Kate

Creative Market

Must Have Gadgets

If your familiar with WordPress then you have likely have heard of plugins. But if your a blogging newbie then you maybe wondering what is a gadget or plugin. Gadgets are downloadable codes that add certain features to your blog like an Instagram grid or a contact form. Here are my must have gadgets, not to worry they are easy to install. 

1- Social Media Share Button – AddtoAny

2- Pop up bar – Hello Bar

3- Instagram – SnapWidget

4- E-Commerce Shop – Ecwid

Favorite Free Resources

Of course no how to blog post would be complete without a list of resources. Here are my favorite free resources and tips that I use for my blog. 

1- Placeit – free mockup generator
2- Unsplash – free stock photos
3- Nappy – free people of color stock photos
4- Picnoi – free people of color stock photos
5- CreateHer Stock – free (and paid) people of color stock photos
6- Google Anayltics – traffic tracker
7- My Blogger Lab – pretty much have a tutorial for every question you can think of
8- Canva – every type of graphic you can think of
9- Problogger – tips and resources on monetizing and growing you blog
10- PicMonkey – graphics creator and photo editing

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