#GrowingBabyRose: 27 Weeks

Image Credit: Chellbee


My cravings have really calmed down. I haven’t been eating or drinking anything too weird lately which is progress in my books. I’m currently obsessed with hot chips – hot Cheetos, spicy nachos Doritos, and hot Funyuns and chocolate – brownies, Hershey kisses, and Reese’s. I don’t have to eat them together but typically I do end up finishing my hot chips with chocolate. 

I have been keeping some strange hours. I’m usually an early riser who tends to go to bed relatively early. But lately I can barely get out of bed before 10 am. I typically don’t go to bed to after 12 am, which is big deal for me. 

I’m happy to say my symptoms have been mild. The main culprit has been heartburn needless to say Tums and I have become good friends. I’ve experienced a few stomach bugs which were rough I’m sure I don’t need to say more. How could I forget to mention the back pain which causes me continuous discomfort. 

I have been feeling great overall. But I am definitely beginning to feel the 3rd trimester exhaustion start to slowly kick in. I can sleep for 9 hours and wake up still not feeling energized. But I’m thankful that I’ve been able to be so productive. I’m still slowly preparing for baby Rose planning our freezer meal day, home cleaning, decluttering, and shopping list. 

Rose is still super active especially at night. I can definitely tell that she is now able to move around. Sometimes it feels as though she is kicking every part of my belly at once (lol). Her movements are definitely more pronounce now that she is bigger and more developed. I’m looking forward to week 28 and keeping track of her movements with my kick counter.

We are extremely excited to welcome Baby Rose but I’m just not into the Baby Shower hooplah. I didn’t think it made sense to force myself to throw or attend a shower that I really didn’t want. Plus with our most of our family being out of state it’s just wouldn’t be the same without them here. So we’re going virtual.  

Instead of a traditional shower we decided to send pregnancy announcements out to our friends and family. We will be asking our family to send there gifts by a certain date. My husband and I will then record ourselves opening all the present and send it to our family and friends. I’m excited because this way everyone gets to be involved and most of all we get to do it in the comfort of our home.

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