15 Must Have Baby Items

Don’t buy into the hype. I am such a thrifty spender I just always have been and always will be. I hate seeing money go to waste, it’s a pet peeve of mine. As usual when it came to creating my baby registry and must buy items for baby Rose I went into research mode. I watched an endless amount of videos, read blog post, and talk to friends and family.

I would like to think based on all those things this post will help you save your money but ensure you have everything you need for your little ones arrival.

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15 Must Have Baby Items

Onesies, $10.99

Sleepers, $13.99

Burpcloths, $7.99

Bottleset, $39.99

Bathtime Set (Hooded Towel and Washcloth), $24.99

Bathing Set, $17.99

Bathing Tub, $12.99

Receiving blankets, $5.99

Crib and mattress, $149.99

Crib Bedding, $99.99

Carseat and Stroller Combo, $135.99

Playpenwith bassinet, $89.99

Diaperbag, $14.99

Baby Safety Kit, $19.29

How to Save Money on while Preparing for Baby

Don’t be afraid to purchase gently used items. 

Shopping at stores like Kid to Kid, Once Upon a Child, Child’s Orchard, or Swap is a great way to get essential items at half there regular price. For example, you can’t beat Once Upon a Child recurring sale 10 onesies for $10. 

Shopping at this stores for baby clothes has saved us a lot of money. Not to mention you will be surprised at how many new items you can find at these stores. 

As always I recommend shopping during there sales to get the biggest bang for our buck. Make sure you sign up for there email list so you can be notified about sales and deals.

As a thank you for reading my blog, you can download your Baby Must Haves Checklist now -no email required!

Utilize your network. 

This may sound odd but you will be surprised at just how many, family members, friends, friends of friends, coworkers, and so on who are looking to give away items there child has grown out of. Once you’ve announced your expecting be sure to put the word out there that you are willing to accept used clothes. 

We landed a ridiculous amount of clothes from friends, like seriously I don’t think Rose will be able to wear them all. Be sure to pre-wash all your baby clothes new and used alike before putting them on your little one.

Shop outlet stores.

You would be surprised at the great buys you can find at outlet stores (i.e. Aldi, Ollies, Bargain Hunt, etc.). These stores usually sell items that major retailers have but at a discount rate. We saved about 40% in comparison to the listed Walmart online price, on our playpen and swing set just by shopping at our local Bargain Hunt.

Don’t be afraid to go Eco friendly. 

Cloth diapering and breast feeding are a great way to save money and both are beneficial for your baby. Although the initial investment of cloth diapering can be expensive if you go with diaper covers and prefolds instead of all in one you will see the best cost savings

I decided to purchase a sewing machine, downloaded free cloth diaper patterns, and plan to make my own. But if your not so inclined don’t worry you can find cloth diapers on online, local retailer, use cloth diapering service, or purchase gently used cloth diapers. Here are some of my favorite resources for cloth diapers.

Cloth Diapering Resources

  1. Green Mountain Diapers they sell everything you could possibly need for cloth diapering.
  2. Diaper Sewing Supplies sell really cute PUL and every kind of diaper fabric thinkable. 
  3. Prefold 2 Fitted provides every kind of diaper sewing pattern imaginable including my favorite the one size diaper covers.
  4. Blueberry Newborn Coveralls Cloth Diaper Cover
  5. OsoCozy Unbleached PreFolds
  6. Swaddlebees Capri Cloth Diaper Cover, out of stock on Amazon but here is an alternative

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