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Atlanta blogger, Chellbee

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With so many things constantly changing I figured I may as well share a little life update this post this week.

  • I hosted the 2nd Godly Girl Meetup and it was a success. We had a great time and good conversations. Now don’t judge me but I completely forgot to take a photo at the first meetup we were having such a good time it slipped my mind. But I came through this time and we were all smiles. Live in Atlanta and want to know more about upcoming events -> Here

Atlanta blogger, Chellbee

  • I recently purchased a new wig by Outre Wig Big Beautiful Hair 3C-Whirly. I was growing a bit tired of wearing the same protective style and decided it was time to try something new. Can you believe it was only $16 with shipping? 
Atlanta blogger, Chellbee
  • My goal was to read more this year, so far I’m half way through Kingdom Woman. Since I’ve gotten off to such a late start, I’m currently making my list of must reads for 2018. Which will include The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. I have owned this book for about 5 years now which is a little embarrassing. I started reading it in graduate school and read just enough to complete my assignment. I put it down and never looked back. But thanks to the HBO show recent debut I was reminded how much I enjoy reading her story. If you have any book suggestions, drop a comment below.
  • Mini-Announcement for my Podcast listeners I have decided not to record any new podcast episodes. Instead I will be focusing my energy on growing the blog and Youtube. I know many of you love the podcast but it has not grown as much as I would have liked. I decided it was best to focus my energy where I received the greatest response. Therefore, my Youtube channel is going weekly and I could not be more excited. I have been working hard to up my editing game. I will be sharing even more videos on beauty, natural hair, faith chats, and vlogs.
  • Harley the pup is still running around like a crazy little man. He is officially one years old, and I still have no clue how old that is in dog years. But any who I was finally able to catch him in action. 

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