Self-Love the endless Journey

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Oh dear self why are we always on an endless journey. Likely because a journey indicates there is no final destination. We journey to explore, learn, and grow. So why would the need for self-love be any different, right.

Things are always changing in life. Just a few month ago I was feeling great about myself inside in out. I had finally convinced myself that I didn’t need a boob job. Well fast forward to today, I’ve gained 10 lbs which is the heaviest I’ve ever been. And that boob job isn’t looking too bad.

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My point is things are constantly changing in your life, with your body, and mentally. I find myself having to constantly check in. It’s the only thing keeping me sane and stopping me from doing something irrational. Checking in on myself and debriefing my journal has helped me clear my mind of the foolery. Self checks help me reassure and reassess the situation.

Not long ago I began with the same tools I’m sharing today. A combination of prayer, affirmations, and journaling to manage and keep myself on track. Because at the end of the day we must To thy self be true.

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23 thoughts on “Self-Love the endless Journey

  1. Unknown

    You're right our life is constantly changing and evolving. You may be the heaviest you've ever been (aren't we all?) but you can love yourself for that! Thank you for sharing

  2. Ellie

    Yes,couldn't agree with you more. Right now I am turning a new leaf in life with all 4 of my kids in school & about to turn 42 in 2 months time for some inner care & more self love because that should be a never ending journey.

  3. Caroline

    Journalling is something I think can really benefit a lot of people and help us to embrace ourselves for who we are. Thanks for sharing your story.

  4. Tiffany Nicole

    Self-love is an ongoing and endless journey… we're always changing and with that we have to constantly find ways to love ourselves as we evolve, stretch, and bloom into who we're meant to be.

  5. Sondra Barker

    Self love can be so difficult in our society, but it is definitely a necessity to leading a happy and fulfilling life! We all need to work on this.

    Sondra xx

  6. TheNerdyUnicorn

    This post comes right after a week of hating myself so much. You are correct in saying this is an endless journey. We are our greatest critics and we can see our flaws so much easier than we can see our strengths. Even more so when life has downs.

  7. Anonymous

    I agree, we are always in transition. What is true for us today may not be true for us tomorrow.

  8. tina hogan grant

    My self help has been keeping a journal for endless years. I write to myself weather it be something that is good or bad at that present time in my life. Periodically i return to that time in my life through my journals and remind myself that it was a chapter and now a new one has begun.

  9. Jennifer L.

    Oh wow thank you for the journal! It's definitely helpful for me to write down my thoughts and my experiences. It allows me to really reflect in all areas of my life.

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