It’s Time to Unplug

Have you ever turned off the tv and went to bed feeling drained? Or do you every find yourself obsessively checking your phone and scrolling down your timeline? It may very well be time to unplug.


  1. Put your phone down now. You have better things to do, than scrolling down your timeline.
  2. We’re becoming addicting to the reality tv drama. Despite how embarrassing and unrealistic it is. 
  3. Protect your energy from Reality tv and social media because it can be draining. 

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  • I hate the fact that I wake up some days and the first thing I do is check my timeline. As if something must have happened while I was sleeping. This has got to stop.
  • I living for the 90’s when they were a ridiculous amount of amazing scripted black shows that depicted real black people. 

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