My Current Skincare & Makeup Routine

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Most days I honestly go bare face. Although I am not great at sticking with a skincare routine with a lot of products. Caring for my skin is important to me. In the last year I stopped wearing a full face of makeup and this has helped my skin dramatically. About a year ago you would not have been able to convince me to leave the house without a full face of makeup.

Nowaday if I’m going to an event or filming a video I don’t wear foundation. I don’t feel like it makes a noticeable difference. My everyday makeup routine is pretty simple mascara, brows, lipstick, and maybe concealer (if I’m filming). Now that I skip the foundation part of my makeup routine the bottles are piling up on my vanity. It’s a sad shame because I hate to be wasteful but my skin comes first.

Face Washing

I wash my face only when I shower or if I need to wash off my makeup. I know I probably should wash morning and evening but I just don’t. I feel like once is good enough for me.


My new moisturizer obsession is water and jojoba oil. Every morning after I rinse my face with water I rub in a small amount of jojoba oil. My skin always feels so smooth and it has also helped the overall appearance of my skin. Occasionally, I’ll mix it up and apply some of the other moisturizers I have laying around. I don’t know why I have this obsession with empty products before trashing them (even when I don’t like them). Needless to say the other moisturizers aren’t worth mentioning.


Currently, I use homemade sugar scrub (sugar & coconut oil with a handmade reusable cotton round as an exfoliating pad.

My Staple Skincare & Makeup Products

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