The Godly Girls Tribe

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Come prepared to laugh, talk, and have a good girls day out {in Atlanta}. Each meetup will have an open discussion as we get to know more about one another.

 July Today’s world is completely different from the times that we read about in the Bible. Let’s get together sip coffee, network, and discuss what were doing in our day to day lives to be strong women of faith. We need to support one another.
September Love it’s what makes the world go round. Time to chat! The love story of Ruth is a beautiful example of how excellence can be rewarded no matter your current circumstances.
November Women are known for being strong, beautiful, and resilient. But sometimes we take on too much and we fail to take care of ourselves. Let’s talk about what it means to be a Proverbs 31 women today. Because let’s be honest sometimes you need a friend to tell you ‘Girl, your doing to much’.

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