5 Benefits of Rekindling your Relationship with God

Sometimes we are so wrapped up in living we forget there is more to life than bills, careers, food, and family. Spirituality and faith are important to our existence and ability to find our life direction.

Faith can help redirect us to our rightful destiny. Women of spirituality find their happiness is a benefit of prioritizing their spirituality. Spirituality keeps us grounded, balanced, and feeds our soul with a greater purpose.

Reduce Stress
Your belief in something greater than yourself reminds you that your current circumstance are just that. You recognize obstacles were created to be overcome. Obstacles are just a detour on your journey of purpose.

When you begin to really trust God you give your earthly burdens over to him. Recognize he is in total control. Most of all your thankful, to not have to spend your days worrying.

Re-Energize your creativity
Stop worrying about what the experts and influencers’ say. If your like me you banged your head on the desk wondering why that tip didn’t work for you or panicking because you couldn’t afford the $1,000 course that would take your business from 0 to $100,000. Now because you’ve tried everything but can’t seem to make traction your creativity drained.

When you let all that go and begin to walk in your steps, allow your ideas to flow naturally, and seek simple actionable advice when needed for very specific things. You will find your ideas begin to naturally connect. Most of all, understand that God can do all things.

If he wants you to have a $100,000 business tomorrow he will give it to you no matter what tips you didn’t follow, who else is already well known in the market, and without anyone backing you.

The only back you need is King Jesus, don’t let these people have you fooled. Have faith and let your need to be in control go. This will free you! Follow the path God has already made for you, just remember it may not be exactly as you imagined.

Refocus on Purpose
When you find yourself by digging deep into what it means to be a Christian. You start to think what can I do to better this world and inspire others to embark on a meaningful spiritual journey.

You begin to think less about how you can get ahead. Instead you start to think how can you use what God has given you (i.e. experience, education, skills, or natural abilities) to enhance the lives of others.

Conquer your fears
I will tell you first hand I hated the idea of contacting people and asking them to help me promote my business. Ditch your pride and stand tall in your belief. Stop worrying, start believing your his favorite, and trust him. Whatever God has for you is for you and only you.

So put forth the effort don’t sit around waiting on him to do all the heavy lifting show he you believe and try. We all have our seasons of waiting and break though but you have to have faith during both. Believe me you can’t begin to imagine what he has in store for you.

Regain your focus
Our earthly lives don’t last forever. While your here make sure you spend time with the people you care about. Encourage and love everyone you meet. Your spiritual journey will help you recognize what is important in life.  Which is to wholeheartedly seek God with our entire being.

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