Summer Outfit Try-On

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It’s been forever since I have shared an outfit post. Probably because I am on forever budget, I’ve cut our household expenses dramatically and have some new ideas I will be trying soon. Ya’ll know me I prefer to spend money on experiences and not items.

These made for great additions for my capsule wardrobe. Anyways, onto the main attraction since we both know you didn’t come to listen to me rant about budgeting. Excuse the mirror selfies, my trip is in June so I figured I would play dress up to get some style ideas for my new finds!

I don’t know about you but summer time seems to always be the busiest time of the year for family events. Especially my family we seem to love having mini reunions on the 4th of July (my tribe is spread all over the states ya’ll). Summer weddings have become our new family get together. Summer 2015 my good friend got married, Summer 2016 my sister and I got married, and this summer my cousin is getting married. I’m so excited for her and loving all this love!

With all that being said I needed something to wear. Oh yeah, did I mention the wedding is in Cali. Decided I would need something for our Cali adventure between date night, day out on the beach, and of course the wedding.

Are you as eager as I am to get out and enjoy this weather. What are your summer plans? 

23 thoughts on “Summer Outfit Try-On

  1. Katriza Luna

    I love those black shoes! I definitely need those! That pink dress is definitely my kind of dress for the summer! I love that I could use it for something semi formal and casual <3

  2. Chell Bee

    Thanks! I actually ended up wearing a midi skirt because the wedding was Black Tie optional which I almost overlooked smh

  3. Chell Bee

    It truly is comfy. I gained a little bit of weight and was worried it would fit well but it still fit amazing. I think the straps in the back help control the fit a lot.

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