My Open Letter to Religious People

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Dear Stereotypical Christian that we all love to hate. No seriously though I’ve learned that as Christian we have a lot of responsibilities. Not only do we have to be examples for fellow Christian but also non believers. I wanted to debunk the myths related to the role of Christian.

Church is not a Substitution for Reading the Bible.

The Bible is too long and thought provoking to be taught in its entirety in church. I think it’s great that you love and trust your pastor but he/she can not be the sole source of your teaching of the word of God. Also, that’s a lot of pressure, if I must say so myself.

Own your Spiritual Journey. 
Too many of us rely on others to direct us to next steps in our journey. If I don’t know anything else your don’t seek mans wisdom. Seek God’s wisdom. Pray for the direction and guidance of the Holy Spirit.
Always make Time for God. 
Don’t tell God you have time to get your nails and hair done but don’t have time to pick up your Bible, go to church, and volunteer to help those in need. There is more to Christianity than just going to church.
Bible is your Source. 
It’s not a book just for you to carry to church on Sunday. It’s available for free, thank you mobile apps and internet. Remember devotional and spiritual books were meant to be used as addition to the Bible. The Bible is the purest form of God word.
Be an Example. 
Don’t judge, love freely, and never blame God. Be an example to everyone as to what kind of people are children of God.
Stop knowingly Sinning 
It’s like the husband who keeps cheating because he knows his wife will forgive him. Don’t be that type of Christian. God is not human and he is a forgiving God. But come judgement day Jesus will not only be looking at your work but your heart. 
Respect the Opinions of Others 
You can stand firm in your faith and beliefs without trampling on the beliefs of others. Jesus didn’t argue with the Jews who didn’t believe he was the Son of God. He spoke his peace and continued to share God teaching with the people who were ready to hear it.

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