Designing a Self-Care Routine

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Creating an actual self-care morning routine, instead of that rut you’ve fallen into. Can be the difference between snapping or smiling at that hoovering coworker. A self-care routine that fits your needs will mentally prepare you for the day. It’s time to start to into sources of inspiration, joy, and motivation everyday. We gotta keep going so why not do it with a smile.

Wake up Early

Get up at least 30 minutes before you need to. The morning is always so much better when you aren’t jumping out of bed like someone is pouring water on your face. The extra time in the morning can be used to journal, read a book, exercise, or maybe have breakfast if you don’t normally do so. I will say lately I have been doing horribly at this, but that maybe because I set my goal too high.


If you shower at night you can skip this step. Showering in the morning is refreshing. Also, I think it helps awaken me so that I am mentally prepared for the day. Listen to an uplifting message on YouTube or podcast, my favorite is Joel Osteen (he calm voice and always so positive).

Make the most of your Time

Trying to learn something new? Listen to a podcast or video during your shower, morning hygiene, or commute to work.

Get Dressed

Take a few minutes to relax after your shower. Don’t rush and throw on your clothes instead lotion your body. Ladies even if you’re not going anywhere get dressed (and do your makeup even if it’s just your eyebrows) it’ll make you feel better promise.

Have Breakfast

Eat something! Get rid of those morning grumps. If you don’t like breakfast try having something light like a smoothie, yogurt, or cereal bar.  Personally, I love having oatmeal (or homemade banana bread) and coffee in the morning. I do enjoy making big breakfast when my husband is home.

Bible Reading

Even if you just have 5 minutes pick up your Bible and read it. Another great option if you’re short on time is reading daily devotionals which you can find on blogs, mobile apps, and books. Personally, I love to Bible Journal, which I do daily in my Faith Journal.

5-10 Minutes Exercise

Don’t underestimate this one especially if you work in a office. Taking 5-10 minutes to stretch can make a difference in feeling like a sack of bones and walking upright. If you have some extra time Yoga is a great way to start the day.

Tackle your Day

Personally, I recommend writing down your to do list down the night before especially if you work from home. If your driving in to work smile, stay calm, and try to enjoy the view during traffic.

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26 thoughts on “Designing a Self-Care Routine

  1. Chell Bee

    I use to do the same and I was always in a terrible mood. Def give it a try. Just tell yourself your looking forward to waking up at xyz time that really makes a different in hitting the snooze button and getting out of bed.

  2. Chell Bee

    Aww thats always the worst. It's like falling off the wagon. Trying to get back to it can be tough.

  3. Chell Bee

    Omg I can't even think straight in the morning if I don't have breakfast. The key is eating something even if its yogurt, fruit, or granola. Yeah my husband is the same way, he'll only eat if I cook something he wants.

  4. Zabrina Vogelsang

    I love these ideas…I am totally guilty of being the person who wakes up at the last possible moment and then I feel exhausted the rest of the day. These are great tips! I am going to try to wake up early and exercise in the morning before my day starts and see if that motivates me to get more done 🙂

  5. andrea

    Routine is the key to having a great day! I recently started adding a daily bible study with the First Five app and it has been a game changer. Always a great way to start the day with the Lord:)

  6. Jessica

    A routine is important to me. I have a consistent self cate routine and as a stay at home mom, I need that for sure. Bible reading is part of my routine. I rely on God to get me through everything in my day.

  7. Blair villanueva

    Waking up early, a quick exercise and breakfast helps me to pump my energy everyday. And showering before bedtime helps me to have a relaxing sleep.

  8. Roselle Cee Tee

    Wake Up Early and Breakfast are two of the things I would like to improve on. I wake up real late and most of the time (I guess safe to say almost always) that I skip breakfast. I know it's not a healthy way to start the day. I just don't have appetite for breakfast I don't know why and I don't know what to do to address this problem

  9. Aireona-Nightborn Travel

    I love these ideas! Sometimes these little things that we do in the morning are key to the rest of our day. I am especially down for making sure that I make time to get everything together and have a cup of tea in the morning. <3

  10. Autum

    These are great tips my self-care routine changes a lot! One of my favorite things to do is to journal and have my morning coffee it makes me happy!!

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