How to Stop Fighting and Move on

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This is something I know of all too well. When there is an issue at hand that I don’t want to deal with or address, I typically just let it go & move on. But we all know that is about 50% true. It is darn near impossible to forget the event or problem, and move on from them free or clear without any returning or fleeting thought.

“Respect one another and choose your battles wisely. ”

— ChellBee

Not very long ago my sister & I had a falling out. Words were exchanges, lines in the sand crossed, & tears shed. I personally had to tell myself let it go & move on. But it’s never that simple. Like most people I mentally went through the scenario of our next conversation can we talk it out and get on the same page. After thinking it through I realized, I had to let it go.

In the Midst of the Fight ask Yourself

  • What are you really fighting about?
  • Will continuing this fight damage or cause you to lose this relationship?
  • What is the underlying issues that began the fight?

3 Reason to Stop Fighting

  1. You value the relationship
  2. It’s evolved beyond the original issue
  3. Their is unintentional collateral damage 

Why it’s a no Brainer to Let it Go 

  1. We all make mistakes
  2. We all say things we regret
  3. We are all imperfect human beings. Sometimes you need to meet people where they are.

We allowed our fight to go on until seeing each other at my granddad’s funeral. Needless to say don’t allow a tragedy to be the thing that saves your relationship with someone you love. When really all you need to do is apologize and sincerely accept the other person for who they are. We are all different in our opinions, perspectives, and experience but it’s nothing to fight about. Respect one another and choose your battles wisely.

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