10 Quotes on Living a Life of Faith

I have been sharing so much inspiration lately, I have honestly amazed myself. Now I was never one for the 10-page letter. But God had been placing some truths on my heart and the fastest way for me to share them has been on social media. After about 5 amazingly long social media post, tons of comments and DM, and a few Preach preacher DMs. I felt it was only right to share with my blog family.
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My biggest lesson about my faith has been that every component of my life must be tied directly to my relationship with God. ❤  My happiness, my prosperity, my wholeness, my marriage, my purpose are all linked to my using my natural born abilities to bring Glory to God’s Kingdom. Because truthfully at the end of the day, it’s really not about me. But it’s about God using me as an example & vessel to inspire others to commit to their relationship with God.  Because it is a choice, that we make every day whether we choose to acknowledge it or not. So when are YOU going to put God first?

The Faith Journal speaks so much about my spiritual journey. From the little girl who grew up in the streets of Compton, to the young women who partied her way thru 2 degrees, to the now Wife who is allowing God to lead her. I’m not perfect and I don’t aim to be. But no one will ever be able to say I didn’t put my best foot forward every day. 🙏 I’m elated to be able to share the Faith Journal! I myself needed, wanted, and craved a place where I could read the bible, reflect on the word, and pray. As a women developing in her Faith and someone who struggles to be consistent I knew a dedicated Faith Journal would help me get and stay on track. 🌹I’m excited to share something that will help YOU no matter where you are in your faith journey (from beginner to warrior).

This year has been filled with ❤ lessons there are a few I never want to forget. To my Future Self 📍remember to have unwavering faith. 💯You have a god-given purpose and abilities. Continue to use it to help others. Don’t allow self doubt to get in the way of what GOD has for you. You got this!

Lately whenever I find myself experiencing a spirit of weariness, sadness, or self-doubt. My next thought is But God… ❤ We have to rewire our brains & stop thinking were in this alone. ❤ Nobody But God is in control.  Nobody But God can carry your burdens. Nobody But God can help you weather the storm. So that you can see your season of breakthrough and overflow.  So when you’re going through just remember: But God!

Sometimes I just want to crawl under my bed and never come out. I wonder why am I even here. My past ain’t pretty or clean believe me. But today during my faith journaling I was reminded of this simple fact. Our lives are a reminder that we are His. If were still here then there is some glory we have left to bring to His Kingdom. You may feel like you’re nothing special. But God only creates amazing being. Your special, amazing, and most of all you have a purpose that’s bigger than you. 🌹 ❤So when you want to hide. Stand tall in your Faith and praise God for your journey. When you feel lost and like giving up. Ask God to guide your steps.  I love you.❤

🗯For the last 6 months or so I have been in complete isolation. I know a lot of people thought I was going crazy. How do you have time to post on social media but cant hang out or talk. 🚫Honestly I just didn’t want to be bothered. Here’s the thing about social media when someone says something crazy I can block them. When I no longer feel like talking I can exit off the app. 🌹But when you allow people in your presence whether by phone or in person you give them permission to be in your space. Personally I’ve never been good at fast exits (i.e. I gotta go). So its easier to just keep the door closed. 🙏I’m fighting everyday to find that real feeling. That feeling of power because you know you’re a Child of Christ. I’m learning more everyday on this journey. I’m getting better at deciphering who was meant for a lifetime vs. season. More importantly I know when everyone else flakes on me I have a friend in Jesus.  Praise God👏

Starting a new journey is never easy. Especially when it doesn’t align with the dreams you had for yourself. Sometimes the best made plans aren’t meant to become a reality. Don’t be so focused on following your designated plan, that you forget you can create your own path.  The path may not be made of pavement, but you can fill it with gravel along the way.

🌹We are all imperfect people and are imperfections are beautiful. But what’s not beautiful is this tendency for us to judge one another & try to hold others accountable for living a life we see as “best” for them. 💯Don’t get me wrong I’m definitely not perfect. I can be fast to judge & voice my opinions. But what I’ve learned thus far in my spiritual journey is Judgement is reserved for Christ & God. 🗯So now I just try to shut up! Think twice before I speak on things. Because it’s not my place to tell others how to live or what I believe is wrong or right.I know what I know. I believe in what I believe in. If you ask me a question, of course, I’m going to answer it. 🚫But all this unsolicited judgment has to stop. Your gone end up losing some relationships with people you say you care about. People are only going to take so much side eye, nose up, and stuffiness before there done. 💭Moral of the Story: Shut Up! 😂😂😂 No seriously, though. Focus on the great things about those around you. ❤LOVE one another.❤ Because even that annoying boss who occasionally brightens your day with a compliment. Deserves to only be judged by the highest. 💥P.S. Broke my mug a few days ago. Which wrecked my nerves. But at least I have this photo

This world will tell you… •You’re in control •You got this •You can do it on your own 💯Let me tell you something they lied. We are nothing without God. 🌹Only with God can you experience the fullness, love, joy, and prosperity he has in store for you. 👑Everything starts with a desire and heart that seeks Only God and loves King Jesus. Today’s your chance to do just that.

You don’t owe anybody an explanation about who you are in your hearts of hearts. Walk in your purpose. And understand that only you know your story. Others only know what you allow them to know about your story. So Own It! I Own that my path has changed. That I’m different from who I was yesterday. But I’m not going to apologize for evolving.  I am who I am! I’m Unapologetic about who I am. If you don’t like it oh well (that’s a personal problem).

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