Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Can you believe it, it’s time for Valentine’s Day again. No matter if you’re planning on going with a handmade gift, traditional gift, or experience one thing is for sure. You want it to be a special day for the one you love. So let’s do it! Today, I’m sharing my top 3 recommendations for each of the three. Be sure you share yours too (in the comments), we all need a little help spicing it up for Valentine’s Day!

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Baskets are great gift options for your someone special on Valentine’s Day. Although baskets are semi-handmade they are easily customized, don’t take a lot of time, and can be inexpensive.  Some of my favorite gift basket ideas are:

  • Date Night Basket with Massage Oil, Candles, Roses, and Wine everything you need for a romantic night in with your hunny.
  • Movie Night Basket with your favorite movie (or Redbox gift card), popcorn (or nachos if your feisty), cozy blanket, and candy of course for a fun night in. 
  • Picnic Basket with sandwich, fruit salad, chips, and Bubbly beverage of choosing is perfect for a inexpensive getaway from the kids or pets. 
  • Game Night Basket with your favorite games, beverage, and snacks cozy but exciting night in.

Not big on doing it yourself, Amazon has great gift baskets – Spa, Candy, or Picnic.

Dinner is always a great way to show love to the one you love. Nothing say lovin’ like food in the oven. Some of my favorite meals to make for a romantic night in. You can find these recipes on my Valentine’s Day Pinterest Board.

  • Salmon + Twice Baked Potatoes + Asparagus
  • Surf and Turf
  • Chicken Marsala
  • Great Dessert Options: Molten Cake + Cake in a mug + Creme Brulee

Love Notes Nothing says Valentine’s Day like heart felt love notes to the one you love! Some of the cutest ideas I have seen. You can find the detailed instructions on making your on fun love notes on my Valentine’s Day Board.

  • 365 Reasons Why I love you
  • Love Notes For when…
  • 100 reasons why I love you
  • 52 Reasons I love you Cards


Personalized Jewelry lets face it what girl doesn’t want a new piece of jewelry especially one she can look at and always think of you. And well, guys love a new watch. Watches are to men what shoes are to women. Any who either one is a win win. Here are two of my favorites, necklace or watch which I actually purchased for my husband as his first Father’s Day gift.

Scented There are so many great fragrance options and you can find a great one for just about any budget. You somebody special will think of you every time they use there Cologne + Perfume.

Undies or undergarments (as my mother would say) you can never have too many. And well let’s face it men are notorious for never buying new ones. So for Valentine’s Day hit the mall and get you hunny a new pair or your liking.


When it comes to creating an amazing experience for your loved one for Valentine’s Day the options are limited-less. There are tons of inexpensive ideas, don’t forget to check out my Valentine’s Day board for some ideas. Ultimately having a great experience filled Valentine’s Day depends on what you like to do as a couple, here are a few of my favorite ideas.

You can go to a live show like an Opera, Symphony, or Play of your choosing. You can go on an inexpensive trip to your local winery, brewery, or museum. You could also go the relaxing route and get a couple massage, Paint and Sip,  or go camping.

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