Spotlight on Tiffany Nicole

Why did you create Tiffany Nicole Forever?

I created Tiffany Nicole Forever, because I desire to help women breakdown the mental barriers, that keep them from going after their dreams and the desires of their hearts. My tag line speaks directly to this: Bold, Beautiful, Brilliant You! Each component of that statement addresses the challenges that women are faced with right now. It summarizes the complete vision behind everything that I do:
To empower and develop women to walk boldly in their purpose, to embrace their individual beauty and to create financial freedom with their brilliance.

Today, I see a rise in women that are ‘busy’ with life… but are not truly living. The more I found myself giving counsel and advice, to these ‘busy’ women, that needed someone to help them navigate the ‘becoming’ process – of embracing your purpose and living a life of intention – the more I realized that there was a void of empowerment and inspiration in this area; and that’s how Tiffany Nicole Forever was born. My deepest desire is to move women from a fear and self-doubt mindset, into an empowered, motivated and intentional way of life.

What is a typical day like for you?

Wow! That’s a loaded question. My day starts early. Before I get started, I take some early morning time (usually around 5 am) to center myself, set my intentions for the day and get in tune with my mind and body. To do this I spend time journaling, reading (personal development/motivation/spiritual), visualizing and exercising. This daily practice has been, hands down, the reason that I’m able to stay focused, productive and balanced.
A typical day consists of recording for the Tiffany Nicole Forever Podcast, creating content for the blog, product development and client coaching meetings. Throw in social media interaction, collaboration outreach, communication regarding future product launches… and taking care of my family and home… and let’s just say I have very FULL days!

What does living intentionally mean for you?

Living intentionally means living a life on purpose. A life, where you set the course – instead of wandering aimlessly through the years. A life where you give yourself the opportunity to explore your gifts and your talents; and you decide to pursue the life of your dreams. When you live intentionally, you take responsibility for your path in life and you acknowledge that you have the power to create change for yourself.

What obstacles have you overcome to pursue your dream?

Most of the obstacles that I have overcome have been mental or emotional. I had to totally refine how I saw myself and I had to embrace the power of my voice. I learned to stop discounting my worth and my vision; but it wasn’t easy.

When you’ve spent time in situations where your opinion is constantly minimized or your ideas are not appreciated, you learn to shrink yourself. You adapt to the environment, in order to fit that particular mold. I couldn’t continue to live like that, so I had to overcome my fear of the unknown, the what-ifs and of the potential failure that (may have) awaited me. Deciding to take a chance on myself, was completely life changing for me. It’s a decision that I haven’t looked back from and that I haven’t regretted since.

What is going to be your legacy?

My relentless pursuit of changing how people see themselves. I want to be remembered as a change agent; as the woman that helped to unleash the power, energy and possibility for countless numbers of women. The person that helped others learn to live with intention and expectation; and to accept that their purpose is bigger than their paycheck; and that true-life freedom is bigger than a salary, 2 weeks paid vacation and benefits.

What can we expect from you in 2017?

2017 will be the year that I publish my first book. I have so much to say that my podcast and blog can no longer contain it all. I will also launch a series of empowerment events for women – because I believe that in-person connection is transformational. I will continue to produce relevant and purposeful content for and the Tiffany Nicole Forever Podcast, and you’ll see me begin to explore other forms of social media outreach (more videos, courses and webinars). There’s a lot in store for 2017, a lot to be excited about!

What advice do you live by?

There are a few.

You never know if you don’t try” – while a simple statement, this one sums it up. You’ll never know WHO you could be, WHAT you are capable of or WHY you’re meant for more… if you never even try.

Excuses are self-imposed limitations that validate your decision to do nothing.

When I wrote that quote, I was extremely fed up with the number of people that I was interacting with that had excuses about why things weren’t working out for them. With each conversation, I felt that I could chip away at what they were saying, very easily identifying the underlying excuse. Once people realize that they only stifle their own growth and development with excuses… that’s when they are empowered to stop making them.

“To whom much is given, much is required” – I love this quote because it’s so honest and to the point. You can’t want happiness, freedom and wealth – or whatever your desires are – and not understand that there will be sacrifice, hard work and focused intention needed to get you there!

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