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Yes I’m young but I have a ton of work and real life experience. My b-school education and over 6 years of experience in human resources and operations makes me a bit of an asset. I have cultivated quite an impressive network of professionals both online and in real life. Unfortunately, in my personal career I did not leveraging my experience, network, and education to it’s fullest capacity.

Call it being young or naive but I just expected the words on my resume to open doors for me and soar my career straight to the executive spot no questions asked. Well it didn’t quite go down that way. I am a few years wiser and have become a go to girl for strangers and friends alike seeking career advice. I have experienced just about every career obstacle from unemployed, underemployed, to unsatisfied.

Most of us today are passive in our pursuit of employment, promotion, and overall happiness. We submit our application, mention to our boss our interest in a promotion, and make empty claims that one day we will be happy. But we fail to take action and responsibility.

“Our MINDSET of, it’s out of my hand’s. Results in you never making anything happen for yourselves. You’re constantly waiting on someone to lend you a hand. ”- Chell Bee

The truth of the matter is if you are a minority your chances at employment are low in comparison to whites. If you’re a minority women your chances at employment are even lower. I’m not saying this to scare you, but I am simply stating facts. The statistics are against you if you are a minority. So you don’t have the luxury of being passive in your pursuit to provide for you and your family. I did some research and the statistics are stifling.

Did you know?

According to the United States Department of Labor although women are 57% of the labor force there is still a wage gap.

Which group represents your current employment status? 


Your employed but your either over qualified or under paid. More than likely it took you a while to find your current job and want to be happy. But at the same time you feel stuck in between a rock and a hard place.

Employed but Unhappy

Your employed making decent money but your still unhappy with your career. Quite honestly you have no clue what to do next.


Your currently looking for a job and it feels like a never ending process. Your submitting application after application, going on the occasional interview, but no hit yet.

Is a fulfilling career in your future?

When you consider the traditional career path of high school, college, to career, you come to the realization that our capitalistic society is not setup for career fulfillment. We are told to blindly decide on a major in college with no idea what the job landscape consist of for that field. We tell students to seek internships to get a glimpse into what it is like to be in the workforce. But typically those opportunities are only available after completing a large portion of the mandatory course load. We need to encourage and provide opportunities for our youth to truly explore career options the sooner the better.

For those of you like me, you’ve completed your education and your unhappy doing what you thought you would love. The barrier to my career fulfillment was close mindedness. While I certainly don’t recommend job hopping, as it won’t get you very far in the workforce. I do wholeheartedly believe if your willing to open your mind, then fulfillment is right around the corner.

Career fulfillment comes in various forms

  • Employer change you enjoy what you do but your current employer is not a good fit for you.
  • Industry change you enjoy utilizing your knowledge, skills, and abilities (also known as KSA) but you need a change in scenery. The industry is too demanding or demand in going down. 
  • Life change you are unhappy and need to reassess what you truly enjoy. This may mean you have to create your own job or pursue an opportunity outside the scope of your KSA. 

Moral of the Story

“We spend too much time at work to be unhappy. Make the commitment that by any means necessary you will only spend your time doing a job that fulfills you.” -Chell Bee

Why is all this so important?

The reality is we spend more time at work with coworkers and patrons than we spend with our own family. For many of us our work is an extension of our personal life, it all runs together. Especially if you don’t have a true work life balance in place.

Let’s do the Math

  • 24 hours in day
  • Subtract 9 hours at work and lunch
  • Subtract 7 hours to sleep
  • Subtract 2 hours which represent the average we spend preparing for work (i.e. getting dressed, driving, etc.)
  • 6 hours

36 thoughts on “Women & Careers

  1. Chell Bee

    Best hours of the day are the hours in which you have the freedom to decide how you spend it! Good luck

  2. Chell Bee

    I don't agree with that perspective. I am of the mindset that if it affects one of us it affects all of us. Change must first start with education. People who choose to ignore facts, all I will say is I prefer to separate myself from them. But good luck to you anyways.

  3. Chell Bee

    The assumption among many recruiters is if you're overqualified for the position you will not stay in the position for long. Which I understand. But if you agree with that assumption, then leave my resume in the stack. Don't waste my time bringing me in for an interview when you know you have no interest in moving forward.

  4. Dylan

    Thanks for writing about an important issue. Those 5 hours you pointed out are the time I devote to building my own business and working out. Those are my favorite hours!

  5. La Belle Sirene

    Such an interesting read. I'm aware of the gap in wages and such but I have never really looked into it.

  6. Girl @ girlintherapy

    The wage gap is indeed still an issue of today. I'm from Asia, I'm sure this affects us too. In any case, I do see more and more women taking the helm in what used to be male-dominated roles.
    I look forward to true equality in the workforce in time to come. (Albeit, I would rather be working for myself — due to various reasons.)
    Kudos to you empowering women everywhere!

  7. Agnes

    Totally agree that we spend too much time at work to be unhappy. I am going in the next 5 years I can be where I want to be.

  8. Editor-in-Style Good

    Really loved this post. I am a female entrepreneur working hard to get the business off the ground. It takes work, but the stats did help me realize the dreams are possible.

  9. coffeeslag

    A really great post and great read. I'm currently employed and slightly unhappy but I'm still young-ish so I hope that changes soon.
    BTW, your blog is beautifully designed!

  10. Shelby Bromley

    Great post. I really hope to see the gap close during my lifetime. Your podcast sounds very interesting!

  11. Sondra Barker

    These statistics are quite shocking to be honest. Also, I find it very saddening that minorities have less of a hire rate.

  12. Rose Mon

    I am currently unemployed and a stay at home mom. I do however look forward to getting back onto the work world somehow. I have finished my Bachelors since I have been home and hope to appreciated more when in apply for positions.

  13. Leticia Carpenter

    I can totally relate to this article! I couldn't stand when I went to a job interview and was told I was overqualified… like don't you want someone who is highly qualified ::insert eye roll here:: lol. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Heather Gullett Denniston

    Having a fulfilling career is so awesome. I am on my second (21 years as a chiropractor) and I am loving it (Coaching/speaking/writing). I always recommend young women find more seasoned women to be mentored by.

  15. interNATionalcaty

    My career/job has been very rewarding for the past 12 years. It has allowed me to travel and the flexibility of working from home. I know the statistics are out and there are people who fall outside the stats

  16. InMom Mode

    Thank you for sharing this information. It seems important that we all understand exactly how big the wage gap is. The quote about making a commitment to loving what you do was beautiful and inspiring.

  17. Chell Bee

    It is def nice to be in control of your income and time. But never the less, I still plan to fight for more, for my nieces and future daughters.

  18. Chell Bee

    Thanks Kimberly! I really appreciate. I'm really looking forward to talking more about this topic. I don't think we talk about this enough and it will take alot of reeducation to see real change.

  19. jan d

    Your post was definitely an eye opener. We sometimes underrate the wisdom that comes with age and also with job rejections that might come with age. Did you create the wage gap infographic yourself? Very informative. Also, the fact that our dissatisfaction could not only be a job change but could be a sector change or a life change definitely needs to be accounted for. Jan.

  20. Kimberly Ann Elizabeth

    After being laid off this past year I've had much time to ponder these things. I know you say you are young, but I see many years of wisdom and great advice in your writing. You have a lot of great information here worth delving more into. I look forward to hearing more.

  21. Chell Bee

    Surprisingly according to the stats, there hasn't been significant change in the last 10 years. It will but it's not going to happen overnight and its going to take a conscious effort.

  22. Pamela Arsena

    As a woman I know its definitely more of a challenge to get equal pay. I see this changing though in the near future.

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