My Open Letter to My Past Employer

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The Nightmare that became my Career

After completing b-school I started my first full time job, working long hours (7a-10p many days), on-call after hours, and all on a salary basis. To add insult to injury, I was moved to 3 different states within 6 months. Needless to say I was tired and overworked, I learned a valuable lesson about working a salary position.

I departed from the company and moved back to Atlanta to gather my thoughts. Within two months I secured a new “hourly” position in a different field. Within a week I knew the company was a poor fit for me (from their culture, people management, and so on). I begin searching for new jobs within a month and hit a brick wall I had absolutely no luck.

Over a year had passed and no interviews or calls from employers ever came. I started to feel stuck and I was truly unhappy. Until I decided to start my journey of self-discovery, trying different hobbies, reconnecting spiritually, and reading. We became more active in outdoors adventure like camping and fishing.

“We must change our mindset, because there are no do-overs in life.”-ChellBee

Why I Quit?

  • Stressed Out After getting engaged (in 2015) I started having anxiety attacks again (which I hadn’t had since my last job). I took the opportunity to share my experience with anxiety on my beauty blog. This must have been a divine intervention because it helped me see the opportunity to help other women and men whom struggled with similar issues (hence was born).
  • Career at a Stall Mate Unable to find a position, I thought the next best thing would be to seek a promotion with my current employer. Let’s just say my initial assessment about my employer proved to be true. In less than two month I was promoted and demoted (with no cause). 
  • Freedom I became extremely frustrated with my responsibilities at work and just the everyday life of it all. I began to crave owning my time and how I would spend my time. 
  • Epiphany In my darkest moments of lost, change, and what felt like the weight of the world. I found my life’s purpose and realized it was time to help others began to fulfilling their life’s purpose.

    With the passing of my grandfather (may his soul rest in peace) I remembered the importance of living life to the fullest. Just as he did.

    What I’ve Learned from Working a 9-5

    1. We create our legacy. Day by day.
    2. We deserve to experience the journey of freedom. 
    3. Support systems cannot be manufactured; it is a pure result of energy and natural human attraction. We attract who we are. 
    4. We have the ability to change our community and cultivate the world around us. 
    5. We must choose our words wisely and live as though our envisioned future is our reality. 
    6. We must walk in a purpose that is not about us. True life purpose is never about our wants and needs, it always about fulfilling a need in this universe we call home. 
    7. MOST IMPORTANT LESSON Stop talking and start doing. My few good friends will tell you they rarely speak to me, because I’m constantly working. Don’t sit around twiddling your thumbs there is always something you can do to better the world. 

    “Be a person of action.” -ChellBee

    How I Quit?

    Devised a financial plan to ensure flexibility. My personal recommendation save at least 6 months of your expenses

    Learned everything you can about alternative income sources. Here’s are two of my favorites articles: UnemploymentVirtual Assistant, Ways to Make $100 a day, and Amazon mTurk
    Prayer a lot of it. Being open and seeking God’s direction. 

    Change of environment. The reality is if you’re considering quitting your job to go back to school, switch career paths, parent your child, or start a business your friends and family will likely have an opinion. Be prepared that they may not be as supportive as you hoped. That’s ok. Just remind yourself that your dreams were not created for others to understand. Focus on delivering results. Don’t spend your time trying to win peoples favor or argue your case. There will be those who doubt your abilities to succeed in your new path. Nay-sayers are naysayer because they are incapable of doing more. Then there are the shady people will simply question your every move. These are the devil advocates. Why are you quitting? How will you provide for yourself? What are you going to do? Don’t you need a job?

    Disconnected from possessions. If you are truly dedicated to changing your life and pursing your future. Cars, clothes, money, big houses, and shoes are all unimportant. There is nothing that I am not willing to part with to make my future a reality. There is a burning desire in my heart to help people change their lives and that’s more important than me having fancy things. Steve Harvey story always rescind with me most. I would live in my car in a heartbeat, if it was the difference between fulfilling my destiny.

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      7 thoughts on “My Open Letter to My Past Employer

      1. Anabelle

        Thank you so much for sharing this! “We must change our mindset, because there are no do-overs in life.” I love this quote. Sometimes it's so easy to forget something as simple as that!

      2. Emily

        I was recently laid off. At first, I panicked and began searching frantically for a new job. But then I came to realize something. I was the least stressed I had been in about a year. I started working part time from home and have also been working as a professional editor part time. I might not live luxuriously, but I'm happier than I have been in a really long time. Most jobs these days don't appreciate the people they work to the bone.


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