The Ugly Truth that no one Tells you about Grief

Image Credit: Caique Silva

Grieving by definition is to feel grief or great sorrow. Grieving can be a tiring process. A good support system during the grieving process can make the world of a difference. If you don’t have help within your real life please join an online support group. We grieve  the lost of many things from lost love, loved ones, idealized futures, and dreams.

Seasonal Relationships

Shortly before my wedding, I ended a relationship with a long-time friend of mine. We grew apart and our lives were going in completely different directions. God helped me to realize, that relationship was meant for a season. Once I grieved that relationship I realized I had shackled myself to someone else’s future. Like many middle children, I was hiding in someone else’s shadow. As a result ending that relationship enabled me to step into my own voice and stop hiding. Sometimes grieving is God’s way of making room for our future.

“Some relationship are for a season.”

Loss of a Love One

When I lost my granddad last year my first thought was that my life would never be the same and neither would my families. In our family, my granddad was the glue that held us together, our monarch, a living breathing statue. My grandfather was ill for a long time but we continued to hold him here. Seeing him go from being extremely outgoing hanging with friends, traveling, and fishing to being bedridden was difficult. My granddad always lived his life to the fullest. Therefore, losing him made me realized I didn’t want to leave this world without doing the same thing.


  • How the lost will change our lives
  • The good things we will lose
  • Sometimes, we even think good-ridden.

“Happiness is beneficial for the body, but it is grief that develops the powers of the mind.” -Marcel Proust

Un-achieved Dreams 

Back in college, I imagined myself being a hospital executive. After three years in the workforce, I had to grieve the idealized future I envisioned of cocktail parties, galas, and work vacations. I realized I didn’t want to be the company women. I wanted to build a brand and a legacy for myself that had nothing to do with my education. But everything to do with my life experiences.

“Don’t be afraid to grieve your past dream. All dreams aren’t meant to become reality!” -Chell Bee

Lesson Learned

After fighting my inner self for years, I realized I had to listen to the little voice in my head and ignore the self-doubt. I trashed the plan and went for my passion. I will never look back, I don’t care how many odd contracts I have to take. Most of all, I will never allow myself to hide in someone else’s shadow again.

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