How to take Charge of Your Week

The voice in your head told you it’s time, right NOW to act. Even though you’re READY to change, you don’t know where to START. You’re wondering how can I accomplish this amazing idea of change. Well, I’,m hear to tell you, having an idea is GREAT. But turning it into ACTION is never easy. So allow me to help you.

“Let’s take it from an IDEA to ACTIONable results.” – ChellBee

My weekly ritual enables me to celebrate and reward my success, while also tackling my areas of development. When I first started this it was accidental. Every Monday my good friend would ask me what did you get done this weekend? Every time we would have a conversation about what we accomplished, what we wish we accomplished, and how much further we could have gotten if we had just another day.

If you enjoyed this post, then the Action Book is the perfect guide for going from Dreamer to Action Taker!

Well when she was no longer at work with me on Monday’s, I stopped doing my week in review and stop progressing. I realized this weekly ritual was helping me turn my ideas into actions, because who wants to come in every week with no achievements to report.

“It’s important that you surround yourself with people who get you and push you to work harder than you did yesterday.”- Alex Elle

You never realize it in the moment how much your surrounding effect you, but they do. After a few kicks in the butt, I was back at my desk and hard at work. But still every week I was beating myself up, saying how I could have gotten more done. I began writing down my progress every day and holding myself accountable for utilizing my time wisely. The Action Book works, but you need to follow all of the steps to success.

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